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Canon Maxify MB5150 Driver Download. This Canon Maxify MB5150 is a good multifunction printer for the office and convinces in test considering favorable page prices and Dual-scan unit. Externally Canon has changed on maxify MB5150 only slightly, in the second generation resembles the ink multifunction device thanks to its cube shape a laser combination machine. In detail, there are differences to its predecessor MB5050. For the current model can scan a process front and back of a template, has a larger touch screen and more network functions.

Canon Maxify MB5150 Printer Driver Download
This new version of Canon maxify MB5150 focuses on advanced network features that facilitate the work of the Admins. Canon Maxify MB5150 is fast on the road, delivering convincing results and is easy to operate over the lush touch display. Highlight will be for many users, the dual-scan unit, with the front and back can be a template simultaneously scan. The multifunction printer handles the tasks in small office reliably, even when multiple users access it. The follow-up costs remain low for both ink and electricity. This makes it an inexpensive office worker who absolutely comes as an alternative to laser devices into consideration.

Canon Maxify MB5150 Software Driver Download

Canon Maxify MB5150 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Maxify MB5150
And lately allows the multifunction printer via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) into the network and thus easier to manage from Admin. This applies even when mixed printer environments are available, for example, laser printers that can also come from other manufacturers. Because of this Canon maxify MB5150 now sees itself with tools of competitors like HP Jetadmin or Printer Fleet and its own program Canon Image commodity.

Download Driver Printer Canon Maxify MB5150
And at the same time the multifunction printer started broadcasting its error and status messages to the RUI (Remote User Interface). In the Admin controls the state and may further IP addresses specify that may originate from the IPv6 range. When Canon Maxify MB5150 comes to network security has done something: For the maxify MB5150 uses for the "Scan to Email" now SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). The emails run thus no longer a Canon-Server, which contributes to data security.


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