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HP DeskJet 2516 Driver Download. The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2516 MFP shown a good buy. I emphasize domestic use because the print quality is poor, including the pages made in high quality. There are problems in visible colors which are saturated, especially cyan, yellow and blue. Also appear lighter and darker spots throughout the image and details lose clarity: for example, leaves of small trees and letters are blurry. Another problem is that its ink? paper easily, which interrupts and slows printing, as well as nuisance to unhook it.

HP DeskJet 2516 Printer Driver Download
However, the HP DeskJet 2516 printing speed is good: black and white, I recorded an average of 7.5 pages per minute and 3.8 with colored pages. During this test, there was another problem: the low durability of the paint. 14th printed page she began to fail in shades of yellow and cyan. This makes the printing cost is high, although the cartridges are not. The average is 62 cents per page.

HP DeskJet 2516 Software Driver Download
HP DeskJet 2516 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP DeskJet 2516
The scanner function, the scanned image has a slight change of color from the original, getting a little clearer. In addition, scanning is very slow at full resolution, taking 546/2. If you want a quick copy, it will have less definition and fidelity to the original. In the case of documents in black and white, scanning time was surprisingly quick: just 11 seconds. You can use other software to scan other than the HP, such as Windows itself. But the program that came with the MFP is better and, with it, you can save the image generated in various formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap and PNG.

Download Driver Printer HP DeskJet 2516
The installation of multifunctional has no secrets. No need to install drivers as Windows found them automatically. Incidentally, all the MFP is quite "friendly", since the exchange cartridges, just lift a lid and insert the cartridges to use the commands for their buttons. Six, located at the top, which have the function on or off, scan, cancel the action, set the zoom copy, to print in black and white and color. Just below there is a 1.1 display? which shows the ink level and copies the multifunctional will do. As for connections, it is basic to others. No network input, memory card reader, or Wi-Fi, making the connection to the computer only by USB 2.0.


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