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Samsung SCX-1360 Driver Download. This Samsung SCX-1360 is 50 000 mid-single black-and-white / color level of production doubt come out with an inkjet printer and cheap printer. And also just a slant that would have bad performance, low prices do. The room looks great when using the low end, high-performance printer. The SCX-1460 printer was a previously used and although satisfaction and own and use has a much better performance than got ink cartridge has a difference of about 1,000 won to 22,000 genuine black and white / color of the color cartridge 23000. 

Samsung SCX-1360 Printer Driver Download
Samsung SCX-1360 accessories, including an ink cartridge inside the printer box may contain less. The pop ideas to reduce packaging volume shine. Accessories include black cartridge box (M170) / color cartridges (C170) / 220V power cord USB cable / DC adapter, manual, contains installation CD, etc. The Black-and-white / color cartridge , is common to SCX-1365,1360, SL-J1760W, J1760FW model.

Samsung SCX-1360 Software Driver Download
Samsung SCX-1360 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung SCX-1360
The black and capacity 35ml, color is the color for each 4ml. Where the bulk of the output of millions a year. It can cause maintenance required inde refill that can dramatically increase the capacity of the cartridge base. It must think I have a plan. A little more efficient maintenance when used in combination with a laser printer or copier. But it is inadequate to deal with the enormous maintenance costs.

Download Driver Printer Samsung SCX-1360
SCX-1360 is characterized by the simple design like a low-end award only black housing. White housing bottom, rear top of the sheet-fed, the lower front paper exit, left control panel with 2.8". Status LCD, etc. Its paper slot is normally used only when the closing place like that open to non-use and it is designed that way by closing unnecessary  minimize input and foreign matter sakin features. It is rated as a great step forward ideas. Power / scan / cancel / Mono 2.8" control compared to LCD display / previous buttons also been significantly good.


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