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Brother TD-2130NHC Driver Download. The Brother TD-2130NHC printer is a label printer for the medical The Brother, printing specialist, sharing of information and the document presents its latest label printer, Brother TD-2130NHC specifically designed for the medical sector. This new model Brother helps improve patient safety and simplify the work of medical personnel, notably by allowing print wristbands and labels with the names of patients, with ease thanks to its embedded features. Created with safety and improved working conditions.

Brother TD-2130NHC Printer Driver Download
The Brother TD-2130NHC is the first Brother thermal printer incorporating TrustSense technology, allowing automatic calibration of PDC brand labels when printing. With this technology, bracelets and tags can be printed from the same product through print media easily interchangeable by the medical staff. These fit well the patient function support avoiding committing any of mistaken identity. With a high resolution 300 dpi printing and a speed of 6ips, TD-2130NHC from Brother is ideal for the rapid production of bracelets and label dedicated to care. So, in order to make the information printed, legible and accurate, the TD-2130NHC from Brother uses technology TrueSense ™ PDC brand.

Brother TD-2130NHC Software Driver Download
Brother TD-2130NHC Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother TD-2130NHC
Brother TD-2130NHC printer also has the performance, features and a desktop printer capabilities. Brother TD-2130NHC is so small and portable, the Brother TD-2130NHC added to his bow, wireless functionality and a rechargeable battery allowing to the use of non-motorized carts on the go. Brother TD-2130NHC is designed for the health sector, the Brother TD-2130NHC is designed to withstand often harsh working conditions of medical staff working in emergency, chemicals and also wet hands.

Download Driver Printer Brother TD-2130NHC
The impression HD with sustainable supplies to withstand the test of time and maintain the effectiveness of the bracelet, beyond the average length of stay for patients. The wide selection of bracelets and different sizes of labels to meet the needs of the user. soft and smooth material with profiled edges to ensure greater patient comfort. Resistance to common fluids, including 70% isopropyl alcohol, alkaline detergents and lotions to protect the readability of printed data also antimicrobial coating protects bracelets and bacteria patients.


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