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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Download Driver HP Envy 4521

HP Envy 4521 Driver Download. There were other HP models, but this one seemed to me to be a newer model and for the same price it prints double-sided. It is not small, nor very big. The measurements in cm are approximately: 44 width, 12 height, 37 depth. The power cable protrudes from behind 4 cm to be added to the depth. I must say that I found a missing USB, to have a USB stick and print / scan directly, but would give HP Envy 4521 printer 5 stars. It is a different philosophy, this printer is based on wifi connectivity and print from any device connected to the network. For example from a mobile android, just install the program from HP and sharing the document comes out to print. The wifi is fine, but you could also have an Ethernet, for wifi if you have the router next to it.

HP Envy 4521 Printer Driver Download
The Wi-Fi connection can be turned off. Clear also can use traditional USB cable not included. I personally leave the wifi off and connect the USB computer on when I print from an active in the wireless device. HP Envy 4521 is a very good point is that the sheet tray is hidden, loads the sheets and closes the tray, so if they do not bend or are filled with dust. When printing leaves a flap automatically that prevents the leaves from falling to the ground. The menus are tactile and easy. I did not cost anything to set up the wifi network. HP Envy 4521 has enough options to even print hobbies: sudoku labyrinths and by degree of difficulty.

HP Envy 4521 Software Driver Download
HP Envy 4521 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Envy 4521
Perfect! Does not even require the CD that comes with installing it. In a few minutes you have it. Nor need the cable to connect it to your computer which does not bring. The paper is completely hidden inside. A Very compact and with two cartridges. Print on both sides and even if the color cartridge is used, the printout continues with the bank and black. HP Envy 4521 is a strong point to have the folios inside the printer, apart from saving space are not filled with dust and thus do not stain the cartridges.

Download Driver Printer HP Envy 4521
I must emphasize the ease with which it is installed, evidently only by wifi, with an iMac simply by entering the IP number of the printer to be configured directly, both scanner and printer. The only thing that is a bit more cumbersome is the password wifi on the small touch screen, but otherwise is perfect. HP Envy 4521 printer has AirPrint connection, which makes it exceptionally easy to print from any device that allows this connection, from the iPhone, iPad, even sending a mail with file to the address of the printer. The scanner has good picture quality, and is quite fast!

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