Monday, December 26, 2016

Download Driver HP Scanjet Professional 1000 Mobile Scanner

HP Scanjet 1000 Driver Download. The HP Scanjet Professional 1000 driver support from HP was synonymous times better. Unfortunately one lags behind the device and there were numerous problems since the purchase. Initially, no drivers were available for Window 8 then it made massive problems with 64 bit systems. I use the scanner to digitize the exam. The scanner works very fast and it can scan A4 pages to the edge, which I had not expected. It scans double-sided, thus also recognizes only partially described backs. The included software for the processing of the scans offers many variants of the final processing; for example, you can save all scans in a single PDF document.

HP Scanjet 1000 Scanner Driver Download
The generated files are also surprisingly compact, so that they can be sent without problems as an email attachment. However, I am still not aware of a point: "Color Recognition" is set, the scans are black-and-white, so handwriting is not distinguishable with pens of different colors (black, blue, green). HP Scanjet Professional 1000 gets in quickly. Both-sided scanning is possible, color also. In contrast to my predecessor, HP also assists driver support for further developments at Windows, which should be considered in the purchase decision.

HP Scanjet Professional 1000 Software Driver Download
HP Scanjet 1000 Driver Download

Download Scanner Driver HP Scanjet 1000 Mobile
I bought the devices directly at HP, since I already had some devices from HP to my satisfaction in the use. Unfortunately, this HP Scanjet Professional 1000 scanner is not operated with Windows 7 and 64-bit (DELL laptop). The HP support has given up after 4 months and will now refund the purchase price. Strangely, the scanner works on various 32-bit computers, also under Windows 7, without a problem. I needed a document scanner with Twain drivers. This one had everything on board. Unpacked, was a return device, connection easy and connection instantly folded. Probe scan without problems.

Download Driver Scanner HP Scanjet 1000
The next day then office work and already the part rose. Several sheets of paper were taken several times at a time, constant paper jam. Thus, continuous work is not possible. Packed, returned, money came back immediately. Thank you for the quick repackaging. The HP Scanjet Professional 1000 is handy and therefore well suited for the road. Texts, etc. are in good readable quality gesannt.For scanned tables can be further processed, I have not yet tried, since I use the scanner only briefly.


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