Download Driver Toshiba TEC B-EV4D-GS14-QM-R

Toshiba B-EV4D-GS14-QM-R Driver Download. At first I had problems with the driver and a DHL application. The Toshiba Hotline was very competent and helped me friendly and fast. Everything is now running as expected. I am fully satisfied. Once this printer is running, it runs. But the decor is really bad and really very far from usability. I spent several hours to get him running. You can configure it via the web interface, a separate setup program and via Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Unfortunately, the printer does not always seem to remember the settings, so you can set something in Windows, but it does not arrive at the printer, eg selecting the label sensor.

Toshiba B-EV4D-GS14-QM-R Printer Driver Download
For this we use it as a network printer, where it runs so far on one computer, but on two others with identical configuration and hardware but not. I am a little bit despairing. For this purpose, he ejects four to five blank labels at regular intervals, eg during self tests, switching on or changing the sensor settings, which leads to a very high consumption of labels. Actually, the Toshiba TEC B-EV4D-GS14-QM-R printer is a joke, especially at this price. Since every 50 € no-name laser printer is better. Toshiba TEC B-EV4D-GS14-QM-R is very reliable and does not cause problems in operation. The labels quickly go out directly. Device is robust and runs in the network.

Toshiba B-EV4D-GS14-QM-R Label Printer Driver Download

Toshiba B-EV4D-GS14-QM-R Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Toshiba TEC B-EV4D-GS14-QM-R
Overall this Toshiba TEC B-EV4D-GS14-QM-R is fast and Good! B-EV4 is designed to work even in work areas with confined space, just wherever it is necessary. Equipped with the latest Toshiba 32-bit processor technology, the B-EV4 delivers fast on-demand printing at speeds of up to 5 inches / 127 mm per second. Design and print directly from your PC. Use Windows® drivers and the free Bartender UltraLite software. Print tickets and labels from 25.4 mm to market-leading 999 mm. For maximum benefits designed.

Download Driver Printer Toshiba TEC B-EV4D-GS14-QM-R
The working with the highest precision thermal printer (108 mm print width) has a robust double-walled plastic cover to protect the inside against dust and external damage, giving you perfect results. The print head is easily accessible, just like the paper guide and the sensors. Label rolls or paper rolls can be used in a hand rotation, the spring-loaded guide of the media holder automatically aligning the paper. In addition to the latest high-speed (12 Mbps) USB and 10/100 Mbps LAN interfaces allow the parallel and serial ports of the B-EV4 printer models into existing legacy systems without software or driver changes.


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