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Friday, January 20, 2017

Download Driver Brother DCP-357C

Brother DCP-357C Driver Download. For Model DCP-350C I see no difference, except the model designation. As an expression of the 50-year presence of Brother in Europe. My expectations for device than were in the positive sense fully expect. So, for Model 350 existing reviews regarding paler photos I can not confirm. The 3-year warranty and the cost original ink and the more favorable discount ink "without chip" product round from very positive. Brother DCP-357C is highly recommended! I have the DCP-357C since 3 days. What I really like is the multi-line display, over which the navigation in the menus is very clear. And about the quality of the prints I can not allow a final judgment, but I am satisfied so far. 

Brother DCP-357C Printer Driver Download
The Brother DCP-357C scanning is fast and easy, using the scan button and the menu on the display or the software, you can select what the scan is meant for, to retrieve preset resolutions and document sizes. Alternatively, scanning can also be done using the classic dialog, which allows you to select the resolution, the color setting and the size individually and preview the image. Good for the cleanliness of the paper is the slot. So nothing can stain. However, double-sided printing which requires the sheet to be reloaded is made more difficult.

Brother DCP-357C Software Driver Download
Brother DCP-357C Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother DCP-357C
The Brother DCP-357C copying function is just like copying. Color copies are however somewhat pale, but this can be adjusted. The changed setting can then be stored permanently. Brother DCP-357C installation is installed for the card and USB function during installation. At least under Windows 2000 Prof., however, this drive is not removable, like a USB stick, safely over the Traysymbol (it does not appear there). Switch off the DCP-357C. A data transfer to the plugged-in card / USB stick is displayed, nevertheless, I have every time when pausing so my concerns, whether I am not my flash memory thereby.

Download Driver Printer Brother DCP-357C
What should also be kept in mind: The device must be permanently live, as the printheads are sometimes rinsed, even when not in use, so they do not dry out. This means: Switch the unit on and off, and do not operate with the socket strip switched off. This is, in my opinion, not so nice, since an electronic device separated from the network, eg during thunderstorms can not get over-voltage damage. The device consumes 5.5W according to the manufacturer in the switched off state. This corresponds approximately 48kWh per year (for comparison: My last printer, a Canon Pixma IP2000, has switched off 1W). On the whole, I am satisfied, the device would also recommend.

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