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Canon PC D340 Driver Download. I chosen this Canon PC D340 copier/printer founded on cost, features and the Canon name. I felt like I got "Oh any such deal" at the time I bought mine in Sept.08. It used to be painless to hooked up: install the application; plug in the USB cable (now not furnished) when prompted and click <OK> and Voila! I set Canon PC D340 printer up as a shared printer and it's now the most important printer in our 4 pc residence network. Canon PC D340's speedy and makes clear, smooth copies, no longer as quiet as some when printing but undoubtedly now not loud and high sheet feeder works well, even for multiple sheets.

Canon PC D340 Printer Driver Download
The toner cartridge used to be a breeze to install. Enters and exits its "sleep" mode flawlessly, even from a further pc on the network. This Canon PC D340 comes with a full toner cartridge, no longer a starter. For individuals who do not know about this: many new printers, notably when being offered at low prices, are offered with a toner cartridge that's simplest just right for a number of hundred copies at most. Simply adequate to get you began on day one and to provide you with time to head purchase a "actual" toner cartridge.

Canon PC D340 Software Driver Download
Canon PC D340 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon PC D340
This is mainly how the mfg's will move extra models, through promoting them at super-low prices understanding they'll make their gains on you returning for toner. With the rebate I could not cross this up, even though if I were paying full retail I would have chosen one that also scans to the laptop. This one does not! The Canon PC D340 is only a printer and copier. I would also take into account one who has a Print server and NIC developed-in IF I would also join straight for scanning.

Download Driver Printer Canon PC D340
I might suggest this Canon PC D340 printer. The big block of "Cons" makes this seem extra bad than I think it will have to, however these are the negatives I to find. Should you are not looking for a desktop than scans to the pc, and if that you would be able to manage the quirky paper-feed requisites, it's pleasant. At the fee, if it had been used simply as a copier for a small office it might be well worth the cost.


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