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Epson Stylus S22 Driver Download. As a successor to the Stylus S21 printer, Epson offers from June 2010 the Stylus S22. The device is a simple inkjet printer for home use, that is, for a relatively small yet regularly occurring print volume that includes both text and color prints as well as one or the other photo. This Epson Stylus S22 is to start for 59.99 euros, the road price will approach the 50-euro mark relatively quickly. Given the low purchase price, the buyer of the Stylus S22 may not expect too much. Thus, documents / photos can not be printed from a memory card, a display is missing, and the Stylus S22 is also not designed for CD printing.

Epson Stylus S22 Printer Driver Download
According to to me, it must also be expected with a relatively slow printing speed. Although Epson announces 20/15 pages per minute (B / W, color). The more realistic ISO value, on the other hand, also according to me should be at a poor 3 / 1.7 pages. The Epson Stylus S22 accesses four ink cartridges, which however and this is the biggest difference to the predecessor are only available in the small M-size. Although they all cost less than 10 euros, but they do not last long and so the bottom line is relatively high. The pressure should therefore not be too great. Currently, the Epson Stylus S22 is not yet listed on Amazon.

Epson Stylus S22 Software Driver Download
Epson Stylus S22 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson Stylus S22
The predecessor Stylus S21 is again for 43 Euro in Amazon have to have and can be filled with larger cartridges that allow something more tolerable operating costs. Since the purchase a month ago I have with the thing only shards, starting from the not enclosed connecting cable, the high ink consumption but the worst the sheet feed. After about 250 pages in text only were the blue and black cartridge already empty and had to be replaced, which I had to remove and reinsert the new black cartridge several times until the printer recognized.

Download Driver Printer Epson Stylus S22
If you get problem sheet feeder: After printing one or two sides of the printer either two sides runs through paper and brings the error message that paper be present or this is not inserted correctly. This can be easily fixed by clicking on "Continue". Option 2: The pEpson Stylus S22 rinter feeds a side about 10 cm inaugurates and brings the error message (s Variant 1.). This can only be done by removing the paper, reinserting it, and pressing the maintenance button. For me, these flaws occur all the time, at the last print of twelve pages, text twice appeared in variant 1 and three times in variant 2. For those who wants printer from time to time one or two pages of text or an image for personal use of the Epson Stylus S22 printer is an inexpensive purchase.


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