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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Download Driver HP Photosmart C4424

HP Photosmart C4424 Driver Download. The new generation of Hewlett Packard Multifunction Printer can, as reported, only with connected PC can be used for copying. By this rule HP wants to keep the printer prices low, since any fee claims incurred by the VG Wort may be omitted. This is a laudable intent, but makes the work more complicated in everyday business. As a recently published test from PC Welt to the HP Photosmart C4424 occupies, however, this is not the only disadvantage. The printer will also slow down. Although the copy program and officially called PC Copy also can be started on the control panel. The process itself "scanning" called to avoid the evil word "copying" is done however always with a not a little detour via the PC.

HP Photosmart C4424 Printer Driver Download
The result: the Photosmart C4424 needed 5 minutes and 20 seconds for five gray level copies, 2 minutes and 15 seconds for a color copy. The same was repeated during scanning. 57 seconds for a color scan (after 23 seconds for the preview) invite you to start thinking about the meaning of life during the scanning process. Or about the purchase of the Photosmart C4424. Anyone who has enough time or who has a chat with the coffee cup in his hand for a social achievement will probably be satisfied with it and because he also has time to print PDFs or photos.

HP Photosmart C4424 Software Driver Download
HP Photosmart C4424 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Photosmart C4424
The (color) quality of the prints, on the other hand, is judged by PC Welt as good, only the gray scale copies are not optimal because they are produced using the color cartridge. Since also the side rates are acceptable, the printer is suitable for the home use, but as I said: only if you have enough time available. With the Photosmart C4424, Hewlett Packard is focusing on the effect of the Energy Star certificate, which attests to the inkjet printer's good energy efficiency and thus eco-balance.

Download Driver Printer HP Photosmart C4424
In addition, the photoprinter can also be used with a scanning and copying function particularly flexibly and beckons with a favorable manufacturer price of 90 euros. In terms of resolution, the multifunctional printer delivers the standard values ​​for home users and hobby photographers with 4,800 by 1,200 dpi. It is speedy on the move and waits with a printing speed of 30 or 23 pages per minute (black-white / color). The print-out of a photo in the size of 10 by 15 centimeters is also fast. Just 25 seconds you have to wait according to HP for the photo.


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