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TP-Link TL-WN881ND Driver Download. The TP-Link TL-WN881ND PCI WLAN card itself very good, but very weak antennas. However, with the antenna from  TP-Link TL-ANT2408C indoor desktop omni-directional antenna (incl. 1.3 m cable, 2.4 GHz, 8 dBi) . For further information, see below. This TP-Link TL-WN881ND card was installed in a PC, which is about 7 meters away from the router. In between, however, is a thicker wall. The quality of the card seems to be good. Clean soldered and processed. No scratches or production defects can be detected.

TP-Link TL-WN881ND WLAN Driver Download
The antennas are tight and rotatable Between my PC and the router is only one wall (yes a little thicker and old building). Unfortunately, I have been somewhat disappointed. The standard antennas are unfortunately very weak (the range of 1-3 bar), the receipt but I could with the antenna (only one) of  TP-Link TL-ANT2408C indoor desktop omni-directional antenna (incl. 1.3 m cable, 2, 4 GHz, 8 dBi)  increase. Unscrew one of the original antennas and screw them on, so the connection is permanent with full beams. No more delays or hangs.

TP-Link TL-WN881ND WLAN PCI Driver Download
TP-Link TL-WN881ND Driver Download

Download PCI Adapter Driver TP-Link TL-WN881ND
During the installation I had the PC by cable still connected to the Internet! So, if you should have no access to the Internet via cable, is a small CD with driver installation. The TP-Link TL-WN881ND PCI card is installed in slot PCI-E and turned on after the PC. The driver was installed automatically via the Windows Update function (under Windows 7) After the Windows update was installed, I rebooted the PC and unplugged the Ethernet cable. The wireless network was found immediately and I could connect successfully.

Download Driver PCI Adapter TP-Link TL-WN881ND
This TP-Link TL-WN881ND card I would buy again at any time, but ONLY in combination with the above antenna. Nevertheless, I can recommend a purchase recommendation. A point deduction for the weakness of the two original antennas. So far, I have made with products of TP-Link very good experiences, so I decided also for this WLAN adapter. The TP-Link TL-WN881ND adapter has been properly detected and the driver is installed automatically by Windows 10. The reception is very good, about 70% signal strength in the second floor (Fritz box is on the ground floor). An optional mini-slot panel and a driver CD are included in the delivery. 


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