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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Download Driver AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N v2

AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N v2 Driver Download. There are constant disconnections with a newly installed Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit) system, although the latest drivers are installed and recommendations from AVM Support have been taken into consideration. Laptops in the same room have a great connection. Now upgrade to a WLAN PCI-E card. It was not possible under Window 7 / 8.1 / 10 on four deviating computers to establish a connection to two different Fritz! Boxes. All components work with other WLAN cards, sticks otherwise faultless.

AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N v2 USB Driver Download
After I was 100% sure that it was not me, one of my computer or Fritz! Boxes I have an RMA at AVM. Stick sent away, a good week waited, exchange device received. Before I now some AVM Support with "Have the current driver used?" All Windows updates installed? Have they passed the solution described on my homepage? I'm off the shelf! I play with networks because an AVM Fritz!

AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N v2 USB Wireless Driver

Download Driver AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N v2

Download USB Driver AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N v2
WLAN Stick with the ears! With and without AVM Stick & Surf, complete software or only from the .exe extracted driver. Nothing to make. The AVM proposal to the goodness: I go now with the stick in the basement and since he has a meeting with the suggestion hammer. You, however, please try to build a WLAN sticks. The others can do better. The teststicks of Netgear, DLink and Cisco have all worked without even a sugar immediately and decency. Or, and I would take you really bad: Your post have sent me the same defective stick in a new packaging.

Download Driver USB AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N v2
Or at least one from the batch has the same problem. Anyway, Fritz! Box yes, gives nothing better for at home. But the rest of AVM does not come to me anymore. It is not even able to establish a constant connection with a FritzBox 7362 SL from 5m distance. This is very embarrassing! Every 10 euro WLAN stick can be better.


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