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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Download Driver Brother MFC-J5335DW

Brother MFC-J5335DW Drivers Download. I use this Brother MFC-J5335DW daily for over a week, commissioning is very easy it self-explanatory and all functions ie print scan copy faxes work flawlessly. Brother MFC-J5335DW works as well as noiseless and has me completely convinced in all areas with me is often scanned and the paper feed takes in one operation easily 90 DIN A 4 sheets and that's a lot and he works incredibly fast, continue to offer the menu some great indispensable extra features, so I miss my defective HP printer not a second, so I would buy this device anytime again in an absolute buy recommendation!

With a good 20 kilos it was not exactly a lightweight package. First turned off in the living room and opened the box. It was very well protected and at the same time practical, as a large plastic bag with grips on which one could simply pull out the printer was present. Then I picked up the manual and installed the printer step by step. First connect the power cable and the printer starts to set up. It really is not rocket science and the touch display makes the setup really easy. After the cartridges were inserted, the printer needed a few minutes to set up.

I did not need a computer for the setup. Everything could be set directly on the printer. Even a new update for the printer could be directly downloaded and installed. It will be a trial print. If the print is not correct here, you can adjust / adjust this directly on the printer.

Brother MFC-J5335DW Driver & Software Download

Brother MFC-J5335DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother MFC-J5335DW
After the Brother MFC-J5335DW printer was connected, I just made a copy. Everything self-explanatory and the print quality is also good. Afterwards I dealt with the scanning. There are many different ways to land the scan. You can have it sent to a computer, for example, to the cloud or your mobile phone. Since I almost do not use my computer anymore, it was very interesting for me to be able to call the scan directly on the mobile phone and I went to Apps in the settings and selected the Scan to Mobile option. The document was scanned in the normal way (file format can be selected beforehand) and then a QR code appears on the printer's display. This one scans with the mobile phone, then enters the four-digit PIN code, which is displayed on the display of the printer, and so can retrieve the document on the phone. Works flawlessly. I'm more than thrilled with this opportunity.

Then I tried to save the scan via the cloud. In that case, I chose Dropbox. You link the printer with its Dropbox. This can be set directly on the printer or via the Brother App iPrint & Scan (cloud services). When the scan was done, however, I first had to search for the document. For example, I thought I would get notification of the Dropbox app or something similar. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I then opened the Dropbox app on my phone and searched for the document for a while. I then went to the menu on startup and then I was at the top of the scan displayed. A new folder was automatically generated.

Brother MFC-J5335DW Scan ✔ Fax 
To connect the printer to the router, lift the top of the printer upwards. This means there are four slots under the scan area for connecting network cables. In the description is described exactly where to connect the cable for the fax machine.

Since I had already used a fax machine and had already set this up in my router, I did not have to adjust much here. Via the menu of the Brother MFC-J5335DW printer, Touch Display, you get into the fax setup. Here I have only given my name and the fax number.

You can make more settings. For me, however, the default was sufficient. Select Fax icon on the display, enter the recipient's phone number and press ok. Already the fax is sent. Afterwards one receives a transmission report, if one would like to have this one. This can also be exhibited. You can also display the transmission report on the display. Personally, I prefer a printout.

Faxing ✔ 
Printing, faxing, scanning and everything works perfectly. Double-sided printing and fast copy / print from multiple pages also in color. The Brother MFC-J5335DW printer has 4 cartridges. 3 x color and a black one. The exchange is very easy. About the App, as well as on the display of the printer, you can display the ink level.

Brother MFC-J5335DW Duplex printing: 
I printed an e-mail on the iPad. Just print selected, my brother picked and then I could choose if I wanted to duplex or normal. Duplex worked perfectly. Then copy DUPLEX to the printer itself. Here, this only works via the scan support - ie glass surface. Automatic input. g on the printer with Duplex is not available. Many different settings are possible here. Long side, short side, black and white etc.

Duplex ✔
Furthermore, you can also, for example, 4 pages to print on one page. The possibilities of this printer are really very, very good. Poster from one page to 2 pages.  All in all, a great printer, Brother MFC-J5335DW drivers installation without a computer possible fax, scan, print all of everything works flawlessly. Print quality very good, so the old printer may or must go now.


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