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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Download Driver Brother MFC-J5930DW

Brother MFC-J5930DW Driver Download. Unfortunately, I am also one of those who have received a device that is originally intended for the French market. Since English is selectable as a language, the setup was possible. (I downloaded the first order sheet from the website for safety reasons). With the help of the Brother support (not the telephone support, but a support level via e-mail), I could change the device via the hidden technician menu so that German can be selected as language is (the query is omitted by the conversion). Other customers are told that this conversion is not possible or even that there is no technician menu. Maybe Brother does not want end users to use the Technician menu, but they should not be lying.

A German fax cable sent me the support for free and I was told that I have 3 years warranty with the German bill. A second support staff wrote after inquiring about the subject: "Devices that are purchased from a German dealer, with a German invoice, have a full 3-year warranty from Brother in Germany, provided that the conditions are met Come from abroad, have in Germany, generally 2 years warranty, as part of Bring in / Send in warranty, it does not matter, whether this is ink or large laser devices." Since this is a product review and not a dealer rating, I will deduct no star and the device as such can not do anything that it was sold in the "wrong" country.

For the most part, I am satisfied with the Brother MFC-J5930DW multifunction device itself. There are so many settings and controls that it will take a while to get everything relevant to me tested. The German manual is indeed on the website and is helpful.The printouts from plain text on plain paper to photo on photo paper are in my opinion very good. Of course, it depends on what type of paper and which print settings are selected. In CT stands as negative "streaky photos". I can only confirm the print quality "Normal" on plain paper. This then probably serves to be able to shine with the highest possible pages / minutes.

Brother MFC-J5930DW Driver & Software Download
Brother MFC-J5930DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother MFC-J5930DW
The Brother MFC-J5930DW scan quality is very good. Unfortunately, the Brother MFC-J5930DW scan settings on the device (when operated via the MFG) can not be changed and all changes are therefore only temporary (eg the DPI number). But you can define your own favorites or directly select the scan settings from the PC. I bought the multifunction device because I want to have a duplex ADF (non-reversible) and a duplex printer. I am too lazy eg with an 8-sided contract to scan all pages individually. Added to this was the desire for WLAN and the ability to print directly from mobile devices. Otherwise, the device is rather exaggerated for a 2-person household that prints little. But there is nothing smaller with D-ADF, duplex printing and pigmented ink. The A3 functionality is nice to have, if we need it will show up. The price / performance ratio is in my opinion very good.

Another customer wrote that cables (LAN, fax and USB) have to be routed far into the device. That is the case, but it is irrelevant to me. In addition, there are the cables yes in sufficient length to buy. (And why should you connect this MFG via USB?)

The Brother MFC-J5930DW emits a very low-pitched high frequency sound in standby mode (display is on). But not everyone can hear that. In any case, I hear this in an otherwise silent room (and there are other customers listening to the questions). The device was for repair and the technician has unfortunately returned the device simply with the hint of not being able to understand the error (as a technician, you could ask what to look for?). Since this Brother MFC-J5930DW was damaged by the technician, I am in contact with the support. By setting the MFG to sleep after 1 minute, it can stand it. I suspect that only younger people and people with good hearing can hear the sound for high frequencies.

We have received a replacement of Brother MFC-J5930DW. This does not have the squeaking sound, but unfortunately the device is damaged. Currently I am assuming a transport damage. The device was in fact only packed with bubble wrap in a box without styrofoam. Slightly negligent at a device with a scanner lid, which has a kind of nose in the base carcass (this is broken off and thus a cover has no more support) and one sends with UPS packages. Depending on the further process, I will update my rating.

In any case, it is very annoying that UPS does not deliver heavy packages of 20 kg in the access points and therefore you have to be at home for pick-ups / deliveries. Alternatively, it is only possible to pick you up in the parcel center (or as it is called at UPS) within dozens of km away.

We now have the second replacement device. This time it arrived without transport damage etc. Currently I would say that there is only a very quiet sound that you can hear in the immediate vicinity of the device and not like the first space filling. There are definitely different "loud" devices (and for many people they are all silent). Also important to know: The control panel should not be located within a few centimeters of a radiator, as the radiator can detectably produce an additional fizzy sound (presumably it serves as a resonator.) Since this radiator almost never turns on in winter, there is no problem Heat, but now the device is anyway with much more distance to the radiator.)


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