Monday, February 20, 2017

Download Driver Epson EC-01

Epson EC-01 Driver Download. Printers make the high cost of the ink cartridges the pleasure of their devices often cheap. And environmentalists are rightly disturbed by the huge amount of waste generated by the empty cartridges every day. Both problems will solve Epson with a completely new printer concept at a stroke. The Epson EC-01 is sold as a deposit printer: It is filled with an ink cartridge for approx. 8,000 pages, the price is 349 euros plus 50 euros deposit. Once the ink is exhausted, simply return the printer to the Epson dealer for disposal. Cartridge garbage does not fall, self-replying it returns the pawn.

Epson EC-01 Printer Driver Download
The ink cartridge itself can not be refilled. If it is empty, you have to buy a new printer. The concept is, of course, also a fight against the foreign suppliers of ink cartridges, because it would be carried out, this would be the end of the classic ink cartridge. It is not yet fully developed. The basic price of the printer is quite high, and whether many buyers would potentially take the trouble to bring the printer back is also questionable. In a purely mathematical way, even with a low-cost printer and for the life expectancy of two to three years expected several cheap cartridges probably better.

Epson EC-01 Software Driver Download
Epson EC-01 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson EC-01
So let's see Epson's eco-concept as an advance in the right direction. Because what does not mean to return the printer but simply replenish the cartridge? I have this Epson EC-01 printer directly from Epson related. Very fast delivery. The Epson EC-01 printer came in the original corton, which however already once was opened. When unpacking then the next surprise, the transport safety devices were missing. A checklist (return?) Marked in 2009 was with I send it back immediately or I try once, I give the device a chance. The overall concept convinced me. And with a range of about 8000 pages it is about 2ct per page (Warentest even got> 10000 standard pages printed), since you can try a little.

Download Driver Printer Epson EC-01
The cost for other printers incl. Cartridges for the same number of pages is approx. 600 € and more. So plugged in, installed drivers and dungeon test. After I have done about 10 times the pressure head cleaning, everything was all right. The print image is 1a. Speed ​​OK. Runs now over a print server in the network. Installation of the driver worked well on the other computers well. Let's see how it works now in practice. Four stars because of the unpacking surprise. Device, concept five stars!


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