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Canon Pixma iP4680 Driver Download. If the Canon Pixma iP4680 printer has not been used for more than 2 - 3 days, wait 3-4 minutes for the printer to calibrate, waste the expensive ink or do something else. Alone that is a reason not to buy the thing. Of course, next to the chip cartridges, which are again significantly more expensive than the i865, for example. I have the thing in the office, at home I would not put something like that, no matter what print image it has. I have the printer as a second printer to create CDs / DVDs, etc. and sometimes photos / DVD cover to print. He fulfilled this job really well - in any case, I was more than satisfied with the results.

Canon Pixma iP4680 Printer Driver Download
Since it was not my main printer for texts, faxes and copies, Canon Pixma iP4680 was really only very rarely used. Exactly a maximum of 2 times a year, then it was allowed to work several print jobs in one piece. After exactly 2 years (expiration of the guarantee) and without any signs, a fault message appears when switching on. 10x alternating flashing of green and orange LEDs. According to the manual and various internet searches clearly a defective print head. Because it was hardly used, the printhead was apparently "consumed" here.

Canon Pixma iP4680 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma iP4680 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma iP4680
It is noticeable, however, that the error message appeared exactly after expiry of the guarantee. Since Canon Pixma iP4680 is known that certain (unfortunately almost all) manufacturers have the appropriate precaution that the customer must always buy new hardware, I suspect therefore a programmed defect, which should occur after 2 years. There are several internet sites that prove that printer manufacturers work with such methods.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma iP4680
Because sensibly a new printhead costs almost works like a new printer and some models are even cheaper! Although I was always satisfied with the printer results, I would not buy a printer with the print head. If this break-up point is damaged by overheating (which of course you do not notice), you can dispose of the whole printer and get a new purchase as the manufacturer has planned planned ossolescence is called by the way, you can just google.


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