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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Download Driver Canon Pixma iX6860

Canon Pixma iX6860 Driver Download. My old A3 + Canon i6500 had for many years, faithful services, nine to be exact, especially in A3 + format, but now a new printer was due (the old is still running). I am very satisfied with this new Canon Pixma iX6860, it is not running for hours before or rattles not so long back and forth until it is finally ready. And is good. Print, print faster than before! A pleasure, the quick expression. The paper handling has been simplified, simply pull the holder apart or together and insert the formats. Prints in particular also many photos in the 10x15 or A4 format always longitudinally, thus not crosswise. I appreciate the borderless printing especially and am very satisfied with the color / quality.

Canon Pixma iX6860 Printer Driver Download
More and more of these pictures come from my iPhone 6s Plus, its camera in my real most beautiful results (especially in panoramic format). I use the pictures not only for private, but also for professional prints / purposes, online or in the good old CMYK printing world. The coupling with the wireless WLAN network I have not succeeded, it now simply by cable in the network adjusted. With a lot of time and muse I will take a new start. In the MX715 you could enter a password, not here, still have to check how I do with the Fritzbox. The Canon Pixma iX6860 print head follows the same principle as that of its "little brother" (MG5350) and can be taken just as simply as after lifting the holding strap.

Canon Pixma iX6860 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma iX6860 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma iX6860
This means that there is no problem with any "clogging" of the printhead, because in the case of the case he is as new with a loving isopropanol bath the next morning the next morning for a penny amount as new. Oh yes, I have printed after the initial investment. Awesome! The Canon Pixma iX6860 has a quality on the No-Name-Glossy, which is almost scary, before the Canon Mega multi-40,000-Euro machine in the agency printed on a special paper. The part was so sloppily packaged that it is a miracle that the carton made of very "foamy" corrugated board to us. It is not necessarily future-proof.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma iX6860
This Canon Pixma iX6860 printer was selected by the Prime and Probe membership within 24 hours. The commissioning installation of the software and the integration into the wireless network, was no problem and self-explanatory. The standard printing in DIN A3 and DIN A4 in black / white and in color was easy. The prints were clean and color true. The Canon Pixma iX6860 is very economical in the consumption of the printing ink. Replacement XL Refill cartridges get very cheap and in good quality.


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