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Canon Pixma MG4170 Driver Download. This printer is a compact, solid all-in-one printer for home use. The Pixma MG4170 printer can also be operated from the front and can be used by mobile devices within a (home) network. When refreshed his portfolio of multifunctional printers for home use, Canon has not reinvented the wheel, but only changed some details. This allows the new printer to be filled with paper from the front and the cartridges can also be replaced from the front. If it is not a MuFu act, the device could be installed wonderfully in a shelf because of its compact dimensions - but the lid has to be opened for the scanning and copying function. The front panel has, of course, the disadvantage that the paper tray is still not closed.

Canon Pixma MG4170 Printer Driver Download
If the printer is left unused for an extended period of time, the paper feed or output should be closed, otherwise the device and paper dust. In turn, it is equipped with a WLAN module, that is, it can be used without any major circumstances by, for example, several family members. Through the network and a free app provided by Canon, the MuFu can also be accessed by mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs. As with the WLAN connection, the manufacturer has primarily paid attention to a child-friendly installation: the printer recognizes the devices almost automatically, so that no complicated freezing is necessary.

Canon Pixma MG4170 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma MG4170 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG4170 
An e-mail function, however, on which the Canon can be addressed from anywhere, he does not possess. The Canon Pixma MG4170 printing speed is not a central purchasing criterion in this class, which is why Canon's 9.9 or 5.7 pages per minute (near-to-practice ISO values, by the way) do not have to be a fame or a disadvantage. However, his duplex function should be positively calculated, since double-sided printouts, especially automatically generated, save money simply money. Finally, the printing costs will be acceptable for private users, provided the lush XL cartridges are used. Customers with whom the monthly print jobs add up to high three-digit values ​​are not well advised with the device. 

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma MG4170 
All in all, therefore, the new addition offers tried-and-tested printers like Canon printers well-known good print quality, with WLAN as well as duplex practical comfort functions as well as a child-like access for mobile end devices and together for around 100 EUR at sales start March 2012, shortly thereafter probably already for A little less, so it makes sense to wait with the purchase something to take this advantage also still take. The new is not worth mentioning, for instance, in the case of noteworthy blunders who speak against an acquisition.


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