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Canon Pixma MG7765 Driver Download. I had to buy a new printer, because my age had blessed the time and no repair was in a relationship with a new purchase. After a long back and forth I then decided for the Canon Pixma MG7765 and therefore also for the most expensive of all my candidates. I was important that I can also print from iOS devices and my laptop from without the main computer to have. This is what all printers do today. Then I would like a device, which can print transparencies. After some research, I had to be amazed that the almost no printer is officially supported. At the Canon Hotline I was told, however, that the Canon Pixma MG7765 is the only one still, but it is not officially communicated.

Canon Pixma MG7765 Printer Driver Download
Unfortunately, I must confess that I have not tried it yet. But I hope very much that it goes, I should need it times. And what was also important to me was that the paper is in the printer and you do not always have to turn it on and open it, then put paper in it. And last but not least, he should look good on the desk. All this is true of this Canon Pixma MG7765 printer. Canon Pixma MG7765 prints very quickly, can be closed and off, but as soon as he receives a print command, he starts, opens the door independently and starts printing.

Canon Pixma MG7765 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma MG7765 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG7765
And two different types of paper are also stowed in sufficient quantity in the printer itself. Since you can see clearly that one must pay for such a feature more, because all MG printers from Canon have the same dimensions on the outside. The Canon Pixma MG7765 print quality is also very good. Property times a test picture for camera prints and was inspired by the resolution. Property times two photos attached. Are recorded with an iPhone 6. Property of course no comparison, but I was positively surprised.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma MG7765
The expanded Pixma CloudLink allows you to quickly print photos from Instagram, Facebook or Flickr; documents can be printed directly from popular cloud services such as GoogleDrive or OneDrive and SlideShare. Scanned documents and photos can be uploaded directly to GoogleDrive, OneDrive, and the newly added OneNote service.


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