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Monday, March 13, 2017

Download Driver Epson Aculaser C3800N

Epson Aculaser C3800N Driver Download. As a designer, I need a printer that depicts my detailed sketches. I've been asking for a long time whether it's an inkjet or a laser printer. My old Epson Stylus inkjet started to smear quickly when not used for a while, but it also prints on other types of paper, such as transparencies. This is not a laser. For this purpose, the laser printer can even display fine white lines on an orange background, for example, where the ink jet fails completely and the inks lubricate one into the other. It is said that the laser does not print good photos. I do not agree. The photos may not be for professionals, but I find them very good. On the topic of color printing I became completely fun, since the persons who advised me (Epson hotline and photo retailer), have completely exaggerated.

Epson Aculaser C3800N Printer Driver Download
They even wanted to come to my workplace and calibrate screen with printer. Nonsense This laser printer is postscript-capable and does everything by itself- my designs seem to automatically have the right color similar to pantone pockets and no problem! Shaping of letterhead etc also great. Only downside, but probably all printers have: Totally sick toner prices! Approx. 760, - € for 9000 pages for 3 colors plus black (9500 pages)!

Epson Aculaser C3800N Driver Download

Download Driver Epson Aculaser C3800N

Download Printer Driver Epson Aculaser C3800N
I ordered the printer because I have a successor for my Samsung CLP 510 searched. I have deliberately opted for this, although it is no longer produced. The printer has a very good position in the top list of a large computer magazine. Above all, it is one of the very few printers that are still supplied with a complete toner pack and not just with a start set for 1000 pages. The toner should be for 9500 pages black and 5000 page color. The toner pack has a value at the current price of the printer, which compares the price of this professional device with current entry models, if one takes into account the soon necessary toner equipment.

Download Driver Printer Epson Aculaser C3800N
But you get a device that has a fascinating print quality. I was surprised myself. The expression of color photos is sharp on plain paper and has a very smooth surface. This can not make ink jets better. Compared to my old Samsung CLP 510 it is a skyward difference. The printer is fast-paced. And he is very quiet. Shortly after printing, it goes into standby mode. Then you do not hear him anymore. There are other printers, where a fan is always heard. Of course he is tall and heavy. But significantly smaller and lighter than my old Samsung. And you get solid technology. From me full 5 stars.

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