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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Download Driver Ricoh SP 150SUw

Ricoh SP 150SUw Driver Download. This Ricoh SP 150SUw is a nice little laser printer, and yes! it throws the paper on the floor, yes, it has no lockable paper tray, if paper is inserted. Yes, he does not have the setting possibilities of a professional copier from the outside by computer can be already controlled. Everything is not quite the hit, but I have for small money a scan copy WLAN laser for my paperwork at home and nothing dries, because I have no large office. Ricoh SP 150SUw also weighs not the usual about 20kg but is a beautifully designed box and the print is also acceptable, although not Hi-End. Copy for the fast copy without calculator is synonymous dran.Ich likes him quite like and hope for a long life! This 150SUw printer from Ricoh is a smart box that impresses with fast performance.

Ricoh SP 150SUw Printer Driver Download
People who print 10-20 pages per week will be very well served. Ton cost is low (30-40 EUR), set up passable (the instructions read!) And the good cooperation with Mac OS X & Linux laudable. Sound development is limited. It is nice that at this price also a USB cable included, which one to the WLAN equipment needs and that is by no means a matter of course, and lo and behold, Ricoh surprised positively.

Ricoh SP 150SUw Driver Download

Ricoh SP 150SUw Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Ricoh SP 150SUw
If you want to print from time to time and want to copy something (copying is very easy with a button), this printer is unbeatable and also unbeatable small (fits on every desk). Very nice, that one can still be positively surprised by printers. As described before me already described the Ricoh SP 150SUw very much for little money. I need a b / w laser printer with WLAN and scan function. The missing drawer for the paper or catching the paper does not interfere very much. However, what is disturbing is the following: The Ricoh SP 150SUw printer leaves two tracks on the paper, similar to a roll.

Download Driver Printer Ricoh SP 150SUw
My paper has a thickness of 80g. Whether these traces on thicker paper did not arise I have not tested. In standby mode, I hear a high-frequency beep. Hear not all; But I was very disturbed. Therefore this Ricoh SP 150SUw printer goes back again unfortunately and the search for a good, cheap b / w printer with WLAN goes again.


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