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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Download Driver Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn

Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn Driver Download. I bought this Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn printer a few weeks ago, due to the existing Linux driver and good test results in various tests. On Windows, the printer appears to work properly. Since I myself use Linux, I have searched for a printer with existing Linux drivers. Canon's proprietary approach was no hindrance to me. However, the Linux driver is only available for a few distributions as a 64-bit package (excluding .rpm). With the Alien program, however, I was able to create a 64-bit .deb package for my Ubuntu 12.04 distribution. But after the conversion, I had to create some more by hand because the package created in this way does not store the individual programs and libraries in the folders, in which the different program parts were mutually expected.

Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn Printer Driver Download
After this, the Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn driver and the corresponding background service (daemon) worked without problems, at least as long as the Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn printer is in the standby or switched on state. If the Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn printer is completely disconnected from the power (probably about 9 watts in standby), the background service hangs. Apparently, this constantly tries to find the printer, and then at some point the service. In order to be able to print again, you have to remove the printer completely from the configuration so that you can terminate the background service and restart it later.

Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn Software Driver Download
Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn
For this reason it is not necessary to start the daemon at the beginning, if the printer has not been connected continuously to the power supply. Unfortunately, if you want to print, you always have to start the background service manually, which requires root privileges. There is certainly a way to do this automatically every time you print. What has disappointed me, and the main reason for "only" 3 stars, was the support of Canon. Because the solution for my initial problems, I had to work out myself completely. My e-mail to the Canon Support was answered only after a few days and then only with the answer that one does not offer for Linux support.

Download Driver Printer Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn
This is for me rather incomprehensible, since a Linux driver is offered, would have at least some support from the manufacturer could expect. But this does not seem to be the case. In addition to these problems, the background service is affected by a continuous network traffic (the printer is used over the network). I am amazed by this behavior, since at the same time a high data conversion is created without the printer being used at all. Otherwise the Canon Laser Shot LBP6300dn printer is faultless. It has a good print image and is also very fast, also in the duplex mode.


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