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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Download Driver Canon Maxify MB2060

Canon Maxify MB2060 Driver Download. The operation of this Canon Maxify MB2060 printer is pleasingly simple. The relatively large device has to be freed from the cardboard box (the plastic sleeve has extra handle) only a few transport safety devices, some of which are somewhat fiddly to remove. After connecting to the power, the user is guided through the device by means of text and graphics in the display of the printer, but also online manuals are available for this purpose. The print cartridges are welded in the usual air-tight plastic sheaths, but they do not have any adhesive strips or plastic caps that have to be removed (and disposed of). Simply insert the four cartridges one after the other, as shown in the printer display, into the slots provided for this and that is it.

Canon Maxify MB2060 Printer Driver Download
For initial installation, the Canon Maxify MB2060 takes about 5-7 minutes to fill the ink channels and align the print heads. The paper cassette has proved to be a bit tricky to set up. Although the pictures in the enclosed Quick Installation Guide are very accurate, you have to look twice to see that the cassette has to be telescoped first, so that it has the correct length for DIN A4 paper. The cassette then protrudes somewhat from the device and does not close flush with the front of the housing.

Canon Maxify MB2060 Software Driver Download
Canon Maxify MB2060 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Maxify MB2060
At the depth of the Canon Maxify MB2060 I had hoped that the cassette completely disappears in the device. In addition, in a double function as a cassette cover, the paper tray also has to be removed manually, so that the prints do not end up on the floor. Apart from the cassette, the device is pleasantly free from overhanging or protruding parts, beads, superstructures. The Canon Maxify MB2060 Connections for USB and fax. LAN is also available with the other models of the Maxify series. Next, the connection to the WLAN of course, the Canon Maxify MB2060 printer can also be connected via USB. This point is quickly completed by means of a WPS fast connection. Finally the driver has to be installed.

Download Driver Printer Canon Maxify MB2060
It should be mentioned, that the MB2060 printer synonymous completely without drivers of OS X Mavericks recognized and even its duplex printing function is supported. To use the scanner, however, you need additional software. There is only one CD for Windows. Mac users download the software here . As with other Canon printers, you should not simply go into the system settings> Printers and add a printer there, but use the "Canon IJ Network Tool" supplied with the software to select the right printer in the network. After the software has been installed, the scan tools are also available.

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