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Epson L485 Driver Download. I have in a short time 3 Canon printers (also with integrated scanner) adopted, since it was time for a change to another company, but which? I have a single scanner from Epson, which in contrast to all other, also antique photos free of noise and interference free scan and still works faultless, so the choice fell on Epson. A long-term test is natural, I only describe my first impression here. In any case I did not regret the purchase.

Epson L485 Printer Driver Download
The Epson L485 printer came in a relatively small carton, and I've also wondered how small the device is in contrast to my 2 year old Canon printer, although yes are not less "features" included. Also, that there are only 4 cartridges and not a fifth extragrosse black cartridge, which in my opinion is also completely superfluous, but I would not go here. So I have this Epson L485 printer unpacked, adjusted and connected. In the small description, you should go to a web page to install everything, the enclosed CD I did not need, on it are the same data, which are also downloaded automatically in the net.

Epson L485 Software Driver Download
Download Driver Epson L485

Download Printer Driver Epson L485
The Epson L485 installation ran smoothly except for a small collision: the wizard in the net could not make contact with the device, but I did not search for the cause long, but on the device itself manually connected to the WLAN, whereupon finally the connection via the Assistants in the net succeeded. It was really a children's game. I was a bit annoyed, because I thought the printer would not be able to print my B5 envelopes, because once you insert an envelope instead of a piece of paper, the device asks if you still use DIN A4. I have Simply ignored and made a probe printing and lo and behold, the device has the format independently recognized and correctly printed.

Download Driver Printer Epson L485
Epson L485 printing on A4 paper also works great. But I still have to pull off a star because the operating noise is quite noisy, which is not bad, but after every expression, a shrill, extremely high beep (like a dog whistle) sounds in the ears for several seconds hurting. I can not live with it, because the printer is otherwise good, I will operate it in the closet and hope that I am spared so happy, I hope I could help you. If something changes, I will of course write here.

Download Scan Driver Epson L485 for Mac OS X 10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12
Download Scan Driver Epson L485 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)

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