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Samsung ML-1866W Driver Download. I am impressed with this Samsung ML-1866W printer fully satisfied. It is fast, has a clean, precise and contrasting print image and works reliably. I have not noticed any shortcomings. Nor can I confirm the indentations on the printed pages described by a reviewer; When the paper (80 g) comes out fresh from the Samsung ML-1866W printer, it shows two slight gutter-shaped depressions due to the transport rollers, but disappear completely after a short cooling. The black-and-white laser printer is, of course, only conditionally suited for printing photographs; There may be a slight streak effect in the case of certain gray tones due to the screening. Contrasting images, however, graphics like diagrams etc. and of course text succeed 1a.

Samsung ML-1866W Printer Driver Download
I have the Samsung ML-1866W printer only over WLAN connected (rout: Fritz! Box WLAN 3270); No USB connection required. The driver runs smoothly on three computers (1x Windows 7, 2x Windows XP). It does not get any more comfortable. Now for toner consumption: The enclosed, only partially filled cartridge is to print 700 pages according to ISO / IEC 19752. If you look at this standard page, it knows about 1/3 page text, 1 business logo and 1 small diagram; This may be representative of an average business letter, but in any case it corresponds to a cover ratio of 5%. Since my print pages up to now have an average cover ratio of 6.9% (usually full text pages as well as a series of contrasting full-page photos), I probably do not make the 700 pages.

Samsung ML-1866W Software Driver Download
Download Driver Samsung ML-1866W

Download Printer Driver Samsung ML-1866W
But I have still printed 606 pages so far and am not quite at the end! After about 470 S. A said the software was now soon to end, I should ever a new cartouche increase. After approx. 520 S. the toner was allegedly at 0%, the print image still as at the beginning. I then took out the cartridge at about 550 and at 600 S. and a little shaken; The prints are still very good! The "Supplies Information Report" tells me: After 606 p. I had reached an equivalent of 835 standard pages, with an actual average blackening ratio of 6.9%. So I'm currently printing above the theoretical "range"; And this must be so because the standard power is already reached when the printer reports 0%.

Download Driver Printer Samsung ML-1866W
Conclusion: Everyone has to determine his "average" degree of darkness himself and can then calculate his achievable number of pages. For a normal cartridge (1,500 p.), This will be only about 1,100 pages. But if you take full advantage of the toner, you get a bit further. Samsung ML-1866W is a very good price / performance ratio! The delivery is completely inclusive the USB interface cable and a toner cartridge, whose capacity is however not specified in the description (on CD) and if I do not experience negative surprises in the future, it is just the right product for "little printers".


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