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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Download Driver Epson L361

Epson L361 Driver Download. There were no problem in Epson L361 printer installation. Following the instructions, everything went smoothly and without problems. But, the process of transferring ink bottles into the container on the device could be changed. Bottles do not have any collateral, while tilting quite easily accidental spill. Connecting to Wi-Fi. With me goes without a problem, probably in 99% of other users will not be a problem, but there is one condition WPS. If you have a router without this function, or it is turned off for some reason, it does not connect the USB cable, there's no way. The Epson L361 does not have any, even the monochrome display, so you do not have to manually enter the network settings.

Epson L361 Printer Driver Download
One major downside is the time of this process. When you first start the following calibration and spill ink heads. This process takes approx. 20 minutes at installing drivers and software gives a total of approx. 40 minutes, according to me is a bit much. Let's print quality and speed is satisfactory. Epson L361 scanner is running, you can copy it. Briefly. There was a small problem when you try to print two smaller images on a larger sheet. One was black and white, the other in color. While the colorful looked ok., Is a black-and-white came in shades of brown. Printed came alone already correctly (I know that the image quality leaves much to be desired, but it was done in camera phone, printed, scanned, and only thrown here).

Epson L361 Software Driver Download
Epson L361 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson L361
The Epson also has released a mobile application to use the Wi-Fi. On Android, it works quite smoothly. It allows you to print documents, photos, scanning (although there are only two resolutions) has virtually everything I personally needed. The problem is that I do not use Android (tested on the tablet's wife). Unfortunately, it turns out that Windows Phone for Epson does not exist. It is true that I have found a program that allows you to print, but can not forget about scanning.I remember a few years ago similar applications for HP (yes, there will be some comparisons to HP not because somebody pays for it, but because their devices know best) and they are available on virtually all popular and less popular platforms like Windows Phone Android, iOS, BlackBerry. Little use of the device itself.

Download Driver Printer Epson L361
In short, it is weak. As for the price is downright tragic. What is lacking in any of the display. Earlier, I mentioned that this will be a problem for manual configuring the network. When copying also will not help us. I will explain here how it was mentioned in the first paragraph of the HP C3180. I chose the copy is to be color or black and white copy quality (3 levels) and the number of copies and pressed the "Start".

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