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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Download Driver HP Laserjet 4050n

HP Laserjet 4050n Driver Download. Although this HP Laserjet 4050n printer is already over 20 years old, this working bull is my favorite printer. The toner is enough for thousands of prints. The toner itself costs an Appel & an egg! Also foreign toner swallows the Laserjet 4050n without problems. The HP Laserjet 4050n printer quality is always sharp. Whether Windows XP, Windows 7 or Mac OS X, it is fully compatible, is automatically found in the network, does not twitch and does not confusing. I find it convenient that you can directly 500 sheets of paper re-pack. HP Laserjet 4050n also prints envelopes or parcels via the flap on the front side.

HP Laserjet 4050n Printer Driver Download
The HP Laserjet 4050n printer did not make a paper jam in the last 5 years! I can not claim this from 2 more modern devices. It is already my second Laserjet 4050n and I am looking forward every time about the reliability and the economical consumption. I am running an all-in-one HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer in my Homeoffice, which is also good, but I am annoyed by the permanent, expensive cartridge hunger! I use this only in exceptional cases when I need a color print. 

HP Laserjet 4050n Software Driver Download
HP Laserjet 4050n Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Laserjet 4050n
The HP Laserjet 4050n is suitable for small offices and home offices with higher paper consumption. However, you should be aware that a network card (HP JetDirect) is included in the device. With parallel cables, almost nobody is working nowadays. Take care also of its dimensions. It is a very nice gun. The HP Laserjet 4050n printer should be serviced as described. This also means that it is clean. The unit came on, but during the transport the pressure board solved inside and therefore it did not work.

Download Driver Printer HP Laserjet 4050n
I then commissioned our technician who could fix it (loose!) and then showed me that the printing inside is totally dirty (from toner) apparently but not maintained. Outside it was unfortunately also very dirty. Now HP Laserjet 4050n works, let's see how long. With 20000-30000 pages with a toner cartridge! Thanks to Model N with Ethernet connection, ie as a network printer. Everything solid inside of metal. 65000 pages / month is provided by HP. A whole package of printing paper fits into the tray. With optional duplexer of dream printers!

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