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Ricoh SP 111 Driver Download. The Ricoh SP 111 has good looks and materials in plastics, good print quality also good price to the possibility, the availability of substitutes toners and a large number of prints for toners original and substitutes Disadvantages scored would: Ricoh SP 111 printer contrary to the descriptions on the various pages Internet takes a lot of space on your desk when printing double sided (manual duplex) when printing the second side of paper appear streaks / contamination (paper supplied with the printer), when printing double-sided message does not appear as described in the manual about the need to reload the printed already unilaterally sheets of paper (you have to guess and press the start button on the Ricoh SP 111 printer) to sum up: do not regret buying again and I took the same decision.

Ricoh SP 111 Printer Driver Download
I am one of the people who had problems installing this Ricoh SP 111 printer in Windows 10. First, for nothing did not want to install the drivers from the included disc, so I downloaded it from the manufacturer. The Ricoh SP 111 installation went OK, but the system reported an error "Unknown USB device". It helped replacement USB cable (although the former is not defective other device running on it), but the printer still does not want to print. Again, I tried to install the board and this time.

Ricoh SP 111 Software Driver Download
Ricoh SP 111 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Ricoh SP 111
I shorten this description, because it really took me a couple of days, and along the way have tried many other things before it could cause to this Ricoh SP 111 printer started to function. Actually, not really, I'm sure that one finally worked. Besides: the printer could be a little smaller and lighter, the time to first page is quite long, lacks a USB cable, but no eyeballs saw what took. Quite noisy. And receiving the feed tray are made almost solidly, I have a feeling that can spoil quickly, but we'll see. The feed tray closes a little uncomfortable, sometimes difficult utrafić. For the money probably you can not demand more. The technical data store reports that the duplex option is not, but the manual.

Download Driver Printer Ricoh SP 111
The power cable is quite short, and the printer power switch was placed in an awkward spot. Print quality to my modest home needs is sufficient. When set to save toner and 600x600 dpi print is gray. Toner efficiency I am not able to judge for short use. To sum up: the Ricoh SP 111 printer can recommend to people who have small needs and eating lots of patience. Are also Ricoh SP 112 SU which are equipped with a scanner and they look almost identical and the name differs only letters SU and as for the Ricoh SP 111 printer itself is approximately the price is low and when the toner runs out is cheaper will buy a whole new printer because the toner is more expensive than printer.


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