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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Download Driver Brother HL-1211W

Brother HL-1211W Driver Download. For my technically not so well-versed parents, an easy to use, reliable printer was searched, which as long as possible without the change of consumables, so I do not have to pass so often to the cartridge replacement and can not dry up and that was with the previous inkjet printer the case. Because of the good price-performance ratio and the relatively cheap toner cartridges compared to other printers, my choice fell on this printer. Brother HL-1211W works right after the driver installation, does not have to be operated any further due to the automatic on / off function and does not need any further settings. A large compartment for approximately 150 sheets of normal A4 paper is located at the bottom.

Brother HL-1211W Printer Driver Download
Here would be to criticize, That this is not covered or protected, but the paper supply quasi open out of the printer outguckt. This is not apparent on most product photos where the tray is not ready for use. I do not think bad, but quite worth mentioning. The included toner cartridge supposedly holds about 700 pages. A new one for about 30 euros supposedly holds about 1000 pages. I think this is all right. The Brother HL-1211W printer does exactly what it is supposed to do. It prints on A4 paper in black and white without flaw and in absolutely good quality. 

Brother HL-1211W Software Driver Download
Brother HL-1211W Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-1211W
Great for anyone who occasionally needs to print texts, tables and letters, and does not need to use functions such as color, photo paper, special formats, CD printing, etc. So quasi how done for my parents. The Brother HL-1211W processing is good, It does not rattle anything and it also has nothing thin or cheap. Brother HL-1211W USB cable is not included, but this is not with any printer and you probably already have 5 at home anyway. So a sensible environmental protection and cost-saving measure, which is none. You only have to know if you have none at home.

Download Driver Printer Brother HL-1211W
I am satisfied and find that the Brother HL-1211W price-performance ratio is absolutely consonant. After the last disappointment with an inkjet printer, when after only 100 pages the first ink cartridge was empty, I decided to use a laser printer. Firstly, the prices for toner cartridges are the same as for ink cartridges, but the page yield is more than ten times higher with 1500 pages per toner cartridge. I've also chosen a black-and-white laser printer, because I realized that I have only printed letters with plain text and I have not printed anything in color for a long time. In addition, the matter with the laying of the printer cable slowly on the nerves, so only a printer with WLAN module in the house.


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