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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Download Driver Canon Pixma E3170

Canon Pixma E3170 Driver Download. The device is very simple, the color display guides the user with precise instructions and graphics, for example by inserting the ink cartridges and / The integration of the printer into the domestic WLAN, the easiest way is via WPS, but also a manual input of the network key is possible. In my case, the printer was installed in seconds in the WLAN over WPS and was found after installation of the printer driver without problems of Windows. I have connected the MG4250 additionally via USB to my PC, this works without problems, but requires a new installation of the printer driver. The Canon Pixma E3170 print quality is as I know it from my previous Canon printers clean and sharp, with good coverage. The printing speed is approx. 9 pages / min. (B/W) of course not with current inkjet, and certainly not with laser printers, comparable.

Canon Pixma E3170 Printer Driver Download
Nevertheless, it prints sufficiently fast, Which is absolutely sufficient for my needs. The Canon Pixma E3170 duplex unit does a good job and works perfectly, I'm glad finally to have a printer again with this feature. Surely you do not need them daily, but nevertheless it is good to have them. It is nice to find the standard function, that in the case of multi-page documents the last page is printed first so that the printout is in the right order in the output tray. This can of course be changed via the software, but I feel it as practical and will maintain the default setting.

Canon Pixma E3170 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma E3170 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma E3170
So I am really surprised with this Canon Pixma E3170 printer with the photoprint on 10x15 Fotopapier. Not only does he print photos faster than I expected for a multi-functional device for 70 EUR, He also delivers the pictures in top quality with rich colors. I could not see a tint, with my test prints the photos of the template on the screen. Top! Canon Pixma E3170 can also scanning, of course, and he does a good job. I use mostly the automatic mode, this recognizes which format was placed on the scanner glass and whether it is a document or a photo with satisfactory results.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma E3170
In addition, the Canon Pixma E3170 has pre-defined programs for documents and photos, Resolution. The scanning works pleasantly quiet, also the warm-up phase of the lamp is very briefly. The Canon Pixma E3170 copy function also works perfectly. After selecting color or black-and-white copy, the printer begins to work and prints before the original is scanned. Of course, the copying function runs independently of the computer and sometimes just copy something without the computer up is thus always feasible!


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