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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Download Driver Canon Pixma MX397

Canon Pixma MX397 Driver Download. At first sight the small Pixma reminds very much to the much larger MX927, this is probably not quite unconscious, the latter is a very good printer, as has been shown in our tests. But the inner life is unfortunately not taken so much. So the MX397 unfortunately does not use the same single cartridges of the "big brother", but rather smaller Kombipatronen, which unfortunately are not particularly favorable, as will be later. Fast the printer is not, in B / W it creates at least 8.7 pages per minute and 5 pages in color. These values ​​are minimally better than those of the direct competitor, but are far from optimal.

Canon Pixma MX397 Printer Driver Download
The feature list of the Canon Pixma MX397 is long and that is well above all compared to the similar-priced competition: The Canon has beside the scanner also a document receipt, which holds up to 30 sheets. This makes scanning and copying multiple documents much more comfortable. Also very positive is the closed paper cassette, which still holds 100 sheets. Furthermore, this printer Canon Pixma MX397 has a FAX function, so you can see here the focus on the rather demanding user, but this is also a crucial disadvantage: The small Canon can only be connected via USB. It is thus not as a network printer and has mainly no WLAN function, which is now actually already the standard.

Canon Pixma MX397 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma MX397 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MX397
This is very limited in the site selection and the use of mobile devices is significantly more difficult. As already mentioned, the Canon Pixma MX397 does not have the same single cartridge as its big brother. Instead, you'll find a black cartridge and a combined color cartridge. Who wants to print a lot, quickly learns that it will not be a good deal. An original Canon black cartridge PGI540 costs around 11.80 € and holds only 180 pages according to the manufacturer's specification.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma MX397
This equates to a page price of around 6.6 cents and a terribly bad value, which we have just as well with the competitor from HP experienced. Also in the house of Canon there is the XL alternative to the cartridge, this costs around 21.50 € and should keep 600 pages. After all, a more acceptable page price of "only" around 3.6 cents per page b / w. But exactly at this point is again the great problem of the very cheap inkjet printers: who wants acceptable side costs, must buy XL cartridges. But if you print a little, you risk drying the cartridges. Drys an XL cartridge, are equal to 20 € and more.


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