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Monday, July 31, 2017

Download Driver Epson Stylus Office T40W

Epson Stylus Office T40W Driver Download. I grabbed the printer and took (as I thought) all the adhesive strips. Now I took the instructions to continue. I should first use the cartridges (which must be shaken beforehand). When I then wanted to open the "cover" turned out that there were also two adhesive strips and I almost the cover by too violent "tearing" almost demolished. So be careful! The insertion of the cartridges was also a bit funny, until the carriage comes out, you have to open the lid several times until it reacts. The paper must only be inserted at the rear. The size must be shifted to a plastic part.I finally wanted to connect the printer to the PC. I put the CD in and the software was installed I was after a few seconds prompted the printer with the PC to connect. But how?

Epson Stylus Office T40W Printer Driver Download
I searched the whole box incl. The area, where I took the printer from the packaging, according to the associated cable. But unfortunately there was none. But what was not on the pack or in the offer. But I had luckily still one thing that I could go on. The printer was installed after a good 3/4 hour and ready for operation. When I first wanted to print, the result was not so great. Probably because the Epson Stylus Office T40W printer was not yet completely moistened with ink. So I went to print a second time.

Epson Stylus Office T40W Software Driver Download
Epson Stylus Office T40W Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson Stylus Office T40W
Then the result was already good. I first scanned only black / white texts. This went so far very well. For colored texts (like from a school book), it is displayed in the PC only in black and white. Maybe it is also colorful. Just that I have not figured out yet. Since I bought the device mainly for printing. The copying runs super also without the one the PC must switch on. Unfortunately synonymous only if you take few pages which then lie on the copying surface. If, for example, a booklet, which is already a little thicker, one gets, if one does not push the flap somewhat, dark shading into it.

Download Driver Printer Epson Stylus Office T40W
Black / white copy of colored prints is also very good. One can copy in colorful and black / white and photos in an extra feature. Super chic black luster cover which unfortunately attracts lint and dust. If you just do not wipe a day, it looks like the next day as if you had not done 20 days. This is a bit annoying. The flap from which the leaves come out is somewhat difficult to open. Overall this Epson Stylus Office T40W is a good printer with which you have to buy the connecting cable. By the way, I bought the printer for 59 € and am with the 3 functions very satisfied, since I would have actually only one printer needed.

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