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Epson Stylus SX115 Driver Download. After the rolling of countless Internet pages, I came to the Epson Stylus SX115 printer in my search for a cheap all-in-one printer. The decision for this model was favored by the fact that the SX115 is equipped with individual color cartridges and that there are also cheaper, compatible cartridges for this model. After the few, available test reports on this printer synonymous positive, I had no hesitation to buy thisEpson Stylus SX115 printer. The first test, unfortunately, quickly brought me to the bottom of the facts! The Epson Stylus SX115 printer I got from a retailer with a set of compatible! Cartridges. Quickly he was built and installed, so far as no problem. 

Epson Stylus SX115 Printer Driver Download
The test side also looked quite acceptable, but some horizontal streaks were disturbing. For this reason, click on Printer Options, Print Head Cleaning and Adjustment. Here the fun went on. Despite multiple cleaning of the nozzles and the printheads, the streaky prints could not be dealt with. During the adjustment quite adventurous prints appeared, which unfortunately led the whole process of adjustment ad absurdum. The question was which of the bars did not contain white or black horizontal stripes. Unfortunately all beams were so gaps, that I only left blind advice.

Epson Stylus SX115 Software Driver Download

Epson Stylus SX115 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson Stylus SX115
By testing, cleaning and adjusting, I had then already after 2 hours after the first commissioning the black cartridge empty and had to exchange it. Until then I had not printed a single page (apart from test pages). I wanted to give the Epson Stylus SX115 printer another chance and print a photo. For this I used original Epson photo paper. The result was catastrophic. At the first try, the colors went off, and the second, the already known horizontal stripes traversed the whole picture. Also the scanning of pictures and photos could not convince me the result. Despite different settings, the scanning strip showed full resolution.

Download Driver Printer Epson Stylus SX115
Since I am used by my former printer like a Lexxmark multifunction printer is better results. After a long time back and forth, I have now brought the printer to do what it was built for. In an adjustment run I could nevertheless recognize the lines, On which it arrived and now delivers the printer's worthable results. Epson Stylus SX115 prints photos in almost pure quality. However, he leaves behind photo paper, which is heavier / thicker than 220g / m ^ 2 unsightly roller strips, which one sees above all, when one holds the photo into the light. On lighter and, above all, matt photopaper, however, it leaves no streaks and the colors look fresh and crisp.


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