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Monday, July 17, 2017

Download Driver Epson Stylus SX425W

Epson Stylus SX425W Driver Download. The Epson Stylus SX425W printer is exactly the same as the Epson Stylus SX420W. The base is exactly the same. I will therefore have exactly the same quality of printing on the two products, the same cost per page (these are the same cartridges) and, the same throughput. For the full test, refer to the Epson Stylus SX420W test. So what the changes? None! Ergonomics: The 3.8 cm screen is operated using the buttons located on either side of the control panel. The size of the drops increases to 3 picoliters on 4 separate cartridges available in 2 sizes: M and L (no XL here). My regret, the Epson has still not adopted the ISO standard to evaluate the speed of printing. 

Epson Stylus SX425W Printer Driver Download
The advertised values ​​are still as extravagant: 35 pages per minute (ppm) for black according to Epson, when our test documents attest 8 ppm. The same goes for color: 15 ppm color announced by the manufacturer when our actions are 4 ppm. Epson Stylus SX425W quality is pretty average overall, the drop size is visible, the colors are dull and overall lack of relief. Nevertheless, it will suit well for text impressions. Cost per page: This is the highlight of this Epson Stylus SX425W printer. The cost per page with large cartridges ("Apple" series T129) is 8.6 cents / page. 35 pages per minute (ppm) for black according to Epson, when my test documents attest 8 ppm.

Epson Stylus SX425W Software Driver Download
Epson Stylus SX425W Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson Stylus SX425W
This Epson Stylus SX425W is intended for private users who do not appreciate the quality of their prints when they are using an inkjet. The Epson Stylus SX425W works with the proven DURABrite ink from Epson, the four colors being used in single cartridges. The manufacturer also provides the printer with a small color display (1.5 inch), because the multi-format cardreader also allows PC-independent printing. An included software allows a rudimentary image processing directly on the device. In terms of printing speed, Epson is powerful in the advertising drum and announces 15 pages per minute in color and 35 pages per minute! In B&W mode.

Download Driver Printer Epson Stylus SX425W
If the assumption is true that the SX425W is a nearly identical variant of the recently announced state-of-the- art 100-dollar printer Stylus NX420, a side view of the data sheet of the American counterpart reveals what the user actually expects: namely 6,4 pages in the B / W and 3.3 pages in the color mode calculated according to the new, relatively practical ISO standard. Otherwise, the equipment of the Epson Stylus SX425W is the price rather spartanic. Convenient features like an automatic document feed (ADF) seem to be missing, duplex also.


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