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Monday, July 31, 2017

Download Driver Epson Stylus TX220

Epson Stylus TX220 Driver Download. After my first LQ 100 printer I had always decided for an Epson. And when I saw this Epson Stylus TX220 printer scanner, I was warm about the heart: The price was about two cartridges of my last LQ printer, instead of the previous thick multi-color cartridge, there was once for each color one. I had annoyed every time that I had to use the same color cartridge, the same color cartridge, even if of the remaining colors was still enough. In addition, the prices for the single cartridges were in a reasonable range and the printer with its glossy black and the rounded edges simply looked much more appealing than my previous LQs.

Epson Stylus TX220 Printer Driver Download
The Epson also increased significantly in terms of print quality. And with the use of good photo paper you can achieve an amazingly good photo quality. It is best to use the fast-drying version. However, I am concerned that you can not continue to print when black is used, even if all remaining colors are sufficiently available. This restriction would not be necessary because, for example, one might be forced to print a text in order to carry it with it. And if you then store it in color, it should be possible to print it in this basic color without using black. Besides, it has occurred to me that after prolonged standing without printing suddenly appeared in the black print of text or black and white photos strips.

Epson Stylus TX220 Software Driver Download
Epson Stylus TX220 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson Stylus TX220
Perhaps then the cartridge was already not so full. Another problem was for me personally that I use a Linux variant as an operating system (Ubuntu). This had for me as an inexperienced user that I could not use the enclosed driver CD. And in the memory for Ubuntu drivers was not yet the appropriate driver, because the device had then only newly released on the market. That is, I could not create prints with the driver that Ubuntu's update software found on the web for me. When I went to Epson's site to find the right driver for me, I was redirected to a Japanese site that specialized in printer drivers for alternative operating systems.

Download Driver Printer Epson Stylus TX220
Luckily, this site has a Asian text, as well as a Japanese text. But since I had with the installation of external software on my Ubuntu system had no experience, I also did not know which files I should download. I therefore first invited two who did not help me. Only on the Asian Ubuntu side I have then from another user the exact instructions, how I had to proceed. I downloaded the right files and then installed them. It is also important, however, that you have an updated Ubuntu on the computer.In any case I could use up to this help from the friendly user the printer only as a scanner or copying machine.

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