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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Download Driver HP Deskjet F2280

HP Deskjet F2280 Driver Download. The HP Deskjet F2280 printer is a good all-in-one device that can copy, print and scan. And the whole thing in very usable quality. I find it particularly useful to be able to use the printer without a computer as a copier. Basically, this HP Deskjet F2280 printer technologically does not follow his somewhat larger siblings. Only the very small ink cartridges are designed for low print volumes. Anyone who just wants to make a copy or print a letter from time to time will also find his way out. If you include the low purchase price, the device is for little printer a good deal. If you regularly want to print larger quantities, you should buy a higher model, with larger ink cartridges and correspondingly smaller side costs.

HP Deskjet F2280 Printer Driver Download
The device itself is for this price class completely in order. Copying goes to button printing without having to switch on the PC. The HP Deskjet F2280 print image is also quite sufficient for an occasional printer like me. What does not go is the software (drivers 10.0.0, HP Photosmart, HP Essentials, ect.). After installation, XP takes much longer to start. Background image and mouse pointer appear and then only 1 minute rest, nothing happens. Diverses anch off and off in the msconfig brought also nothing.

HP Deskjet F2280 Software Driver Download
HP Deskjet F2280 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Deskjet F2280
The only solution was the uninstallation of the bundled software package and the download and installation of the pure driver software 10.0.1. And after for three years in use: HP Deskjet F2280 extremely good color copies and prints even on standard paper, easy operation directly on the device and fast times what copy: insert the sheet to be copied, press the button (ie black for black, green for color) wars! Extra taste for Photo copy, a unique quality even on normal paper also prices of the original cartridges about 10 Euro, that is ok with no failures / disturbances for over three years.

Download Driver Printer HP Deskjet F2280
The Deskjet 2280 delivers crisp prints, the scans are optimally buffered, the copy function, which works even when the PC is switched off. I am thrilled with the ease of use, the installation explained itself almost as well, even under Vista. Something dubious is the simple plastic processing, with which one at first glance has the impression that the device was not designed for eternity. For beginners it is, however, whether the favorable price (also compatible cartridges can be used) an optimal solution. Therefore: Purchase recommendation!

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