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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Download Driver HP Envy 5549

HP Envy 5549 Driver Download. The HP Envy 5549 is a super printer! The paper is not inserted as in the top of a slot, but has an extra compartment at the bottom in which all sizes up to A4 can be inserted. Envelopes are also printable. Moreover, it looks great and the printing quality is very good. Funny is that when he starts to print something, the holder for the printed sheets swinging out of the printer, looks as if he were sticking out one's tongue. You have to back it up after work. Could print something faster, otherwise I am super satisfied and very enthusiastic! Since I had decided for the HP Instant Ink thing, I still needed a suitable printer. The price for this device was very attractive, which is why I chose this printer.

HP Envy 5549 Printer Driver Download
The HP Envy 5549 installation was more than easy; Everything made the device fully automatic. With the printer results and the handling I am more than satisfied. In addition, the device still looks good and can be placed thanks to its dimensions very practical. I use this HP Envy 5549 printer / scanner / copier combination privately for small editions and print mostly in black / white with individual images. HP Envy 5549 prints quickly and the print quality is good. So far I have never had paper jam. Due to the W-Lan function, the device is very fast and easy to control with the various devices inside the WLAN network (2 laptops and 2 smartphones).

HP Envy 5549 Software Driver Download
HP Envy 5549 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Envy 5549
I especially like that one can send scans directly from the printer to the smartphone or the laptop. HP Envy 5549 cool feature: When the print command is issued, the paper tray opens automatically. This means that you do not have to be at the printer / room during printing and has no annoying cable tangle. Once set up, the printer receives an individual mail address, With the help of which one can also give a print command to the printer from the road. All of this requires, of course, that the device is switched on or at least in standby.

Download Driver Printer HP Envy 5549
But, a minus point is for the relatively high ink consumption and the poor scanner quality (pixelated, image not centered and with discolored edges). It may also be that this is due to the standard software provided by HP (which is definitely too simple and simple and contains hardly any settings) maybe there are alternatives. In addition, it is annoying that the sheet for scanning / copying on the glass plate often slips under the cover. This sometimes makes the image crooked, and corners of the paper will then pinch something in this HP Envy 5549 printer.

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