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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Download Driver Canon Pixma MG5670

Canon Pixma MG5670 Driver Download. The installation and calibration are almost automatic and we are well guided, both by the notice and the LCD. This step is however particularly long compared to the competition. It takes about 10 minutes before you can print your first page and driver installation not included. In terms of functionality, the quantity is there, including the duplex function. The choice of the navigation system is debatable and the absence of touch screen is felt when it becomes a standard on many devices. For example: entering the Wi-Fi code requires moving a cursor to select a letter or number before pressing OK to confirm each selection.

Canon Pixma MG5670 Printer Driver Download
Generally, Browsing menus is particularly tedious. Sometimes it will be necessary to navigate with the directional cross, at other times it will have to validate with the buttons placed under the screen. On the other hand, it has for her a color LCD screen of 6.2 cm exploitable, but insufficient to be considered comfortable because of its small size, strong directivity and low Definition that makes the information relatively vague. Impressive enough, this printer occupies 315 cm² on the desk. Note that the firmware for this printer has been updated prior to the test.

Canon Pixma MG5670 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma MG5670 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG5670
The black areas on plain paper are accompanied by a few horizontal marks, probably due to an incorrect automatic alignment of the print head concerned. To this defect is added the visibility of the grain, this time caused by too large drops. On this point, the MX495 cousin was better for less expensive. Relatively disappointing on this point, with a difference of 64% in monochrome and 20% in color, the Canon Pixma MG5670 prints less quickly than its competitor, the HP Envy 5640. A genetic taint at Canon, since the problem is also present on the MX490 series.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma MG5670
In the case of the MG5650, this reduced speed is due to the ink, since the machine interrupts printing at strategic times to ensure the drying of the ink between each page. Overall, the photos are good quality, well contrasted, with a gamma that looks very good. Colorimetry drifts a little, but not too much (average dE94 measured at 5), which places it in the top of the basket. As a bonus, the output of the photos is very good, since besides doing better than the Canon MX495, it also does better than the HP Envy 5640.

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