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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Download Driver Canon Pixma TS3140

Canon Pixma TS3140 Driver Download. The Canon Pixma TS3140 printer is designed as a portable ink combiner. The test checks whether it is worth to access easily. With an EIA of 75 euros and a road price which is still significantly lower, the Canon Pixma TS3140 is one of the multifunctional printers, which usually end up in the shopping basket without long thought. The test tells you whether the spontaneity is worthwhile. This Canon Pixma TS3140 is a simple multi-function printer with four-color printing that is tailored to the occasional use. In operation, it is relatively noisy, but the tasks performed are solid. Anyone who prints and scans a lot will not be happy with it. Because it is too slow at work. It also lacks important features such as a duplex printing unit or a reasonable paper media selection in the driver. The follow-up costs are justifiable for the class, but are rapidly increasing when the throughput increases. Before you simply take the Canon Pixma TS3140 in the electronics market, consider for a moment whether it is really enough for your purposes. The Canon offers the ink multifunction device in two colors: as a Canon Pixma TS3140 in white and as a Canon Pixma TS3140 in black. The test results of comparable combi-printers can be found in the comparison test "The best ink combos up to 100 Euro". If you are looking for a combiner that can be used in a home office or small office, read the "Best Multifunction Devices" comparison test. The Canon extends the TS series down and offers with the Pixma TS3140 a price-attractive entry-level multifunction printer.

Canon Pixma TS3140 Printer Driver Download
The device prints, scans, and copies. When compared to an older entry-level model from the manufacturer, such as the Canon Pixma MG3650 ((2110875)), the manufacturer has omitted some features of the TS3140: This eliminates the duplex unit that allows you to automatically print the front and back of a sheet, the Canon Pixma TS3140 requires a manual version. The driver tells you when to turn the sheet and put it back into the paper feeder. Speaking of the paper tray, the manufacturer also concentrates on minimal equipment and can only accommodate up to 60 sheets of paper. This is all the more astonishing as the compartment itself sits at the back of the case and just right there where there are actually no room problems. Another subject, for example, for photography media is not provided. In the black robe, the ink multifunction printer under Canon Pixma TS3140. It is identical to the white TS3150. In the black robe of ink multifunction printer Canon Pixma TS3150 operates. It is identical to the white TS3140. On the top of the device is the control panel, which is limited to a few buttons and a mini LC display. Once again, the manufacturer makes compromises. If I want to create more than one copy, I can not enter a number directly. Rather, I need to press the appropriate copy button (black-and-white or color) several times. A maximum of 17 copies are possible in this way. At interfaces, the Canon Pixma TS3140 brings USB, WLAN and Wi-Fi Direct.

Canon Pixma TS3140 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma TS3140 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS3140
The multifunctional printer controls the mobile printing standards Apple Airprint, Mopria and Google Cloud Print over the wireless connections. In addition, you can print or scan from the tablet or smartphone via the "Canon Print" app and also reach cloud services via the Canon CloudLink. The Canon Pixma TS3140 has two cartridges that form a single unit with the print head. The color cartridge has three color chambers for red, blue and yellow. In the best case, buy the XL-Multipack ink with the PG-545 and CL-546 labels. This will lead you to 5.8 cents for the black and 7.7 cents for the colored leaf. Within the entry class are the reasonable, medium side prices. However, if I compare them with all-round combiners up to 150 euros, the price of the pages is already around two cents above the competition. Printing a lot, makes the difference with the time clearly noticeable. As is common with the small ink multifunction devices, the Canon Pixma TS3140 printer requires relatively little power during operation. Invaluable: Turned off with test to 0 watts. This disconnects the device from the power supply. Against a higher throughput speaks the working temperature of the Canon Pixma TS3140.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma TS3140
The speed is still justifiable in the pure text print, but decreases noticeably when printed in color. For example, the device requires 1:15 minutes for ten texts, but 6:31 minutes for the ten colored PDF pages. The scans are not bad. A preview is created in 6 seconds, a color scan takes 15 seconds an average result. The Canon has saved the print media selection in the driver. Thus I lack inkjet quality media and also in the case of photopapes, I find curious things: If I want to print a photo in A4 and choose a suitable medium, the driver automatically switches to a smaller format about 10 x 15 centimeters. If I insist on A4, he leaves only plain paper. The result: the colors are not adapted to the medium, but are harsh and exaggerated. That the Komibdrucker produces better results on Photo paper, it demonstrates with the smaller formats, where the suitable Fotopapier can be selected. Here, the colors are harmonious and even in difficult areas such as skin tones warm and quite close to reality. In the text print the black cover. The scan unit easily produces red-scanned scans that are only minimally cut off when you need the entire area. The sharpness is good enough, even if it drifts deep into the depths. However, the result for the everyday scan can not be found between.

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