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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Download Driver Epson B310N

Epson B310N Driver Download. The Epson B310N printer has now printed on my first day the first 600 pages. I've had 80, 90, and 100 grams of paper processed and a single page (the very first) wrong. Then everything went perfectly. The software was installed under Windows XP within a few minutes. The handling of the very well processed device is really simple. It can be opened at the front, back and top, so that all relevant areas are easily accessible. I let him print with me in slow mode, which is ultimately still fast. This is done in the printer driver. The printer is not really loud in the fast mode, but in quiet mode one can sit next to and telephone. Very pleasant. I am completely satisfied! 

Epson B310N Printer Driver Download
This Epson B310N is basically only the smaller brother of the B510DN announced by Epson in spring 2010. The printing unit of both inkjet printers for companies or departments should be almost identical, except that the Epson B310N is aligned for a smaller monthly volume (10,000 instead of 20,000 pages), and duplex printing is optional. But the smaller brother is also, as Epson announces, also quite big, because it shares with the Epson B510DN the two outstanding advantages: low printing costs and a high printing speed. In particular, in terms of printing costs, both printers will reach a new quality level, as Epson emphasizes.

Epson B310N Software Driver Download
Epson B310N Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson B310N
For the Epson B310N the manufacturer announces page prices for the color printing, which are approximately at the level of a laser printer. In contrast to the Epson B510DN, however, no XL cartridges are available for the Epson B310N. The performance of the standard cartridges is 3,000 / 3,500 pages. Exceptionally high are also the data on the printing speed.

Download Driver Printer Epson B310N
Even if it is only the draft mode, 37 pages in color and B/W are enormous. In the "professional mode" there should still be 19 pages and the testers will watch with Argusaugen over whether the inkjet can actually perform this performance. Network capability (Ethernet) and optional duplex printing are just as much a part of the comfort of the B-310N as the lush paper storage (two 650-sheet paper trays). The price of the Epson B310N is about half of the B510DN.

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