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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Download Driver Epson B500DN

Epson B500DN Driver Download. The inkjet printers still have the prejudice that they do not reach laser printers in terms of printing speed and consumption costs. The Epson B-500DN printer has just shown that this flat-rate judgment at least does not apply to it. In a test from he came at a price for the b/w side of incredibly cheap 0.9 cents. Because even a laser printer has to paint the feathers. Even with color printing at Epson is favorably too: 15.7 cents are also a considerable achievement. And quickly he was still in the test. Only the comparatively high purchase price of currently 496 euro in amazon, before the at least home users will be frightened.

Epson B500DN Printer Driver Download
I also notes, however, that the Epson B-500DN is somewhat oversized for the home use and should be used mainly in the office. Even with a relatively modest print volume of 500 pages b/w and 200 pages of color per month, the purchase price is already worth it after eleven months although the testers even exited from a price of 600 euros. The only drawback of the printer is, according to the test, its volume. The best way to do this is to place the office printer in its own room, where it can diligently work without disturbing it. And if you are looking for some more performance data, you can find the complete test here.

Epson B500DN Software Driver Download
Epson B500DN Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson B500DN
The B-500DN inkjet printer from Epson is expected to deliver more lucrative branding in the business segment with electricity costs of approximately one-tenth of a comparable laser printer and low print costs. The unit will be sent from June 2008 to the competition with the competition. If the announced fast printing is confirmed in practice, the printer could quickly catch up against laser printers with its speed of up to 37 pages per minute.

Download Driver Printer Epson B500DN
And, to stay in the picture: enough fuel for it has on board. The tanks are filled with ink for an estimated 7,000 pages, the "kilometer price" is about calculated 0.63 / 2.25 cents per black-and-white / color page. Duplex printing and networking how do you say so beautiful? A round off the printer, the Epson B-500DN is without question the energy balance and printing costs. But otherwise? For someone who pushes into the business area and wants to convince with a lucrative product, the announcement has been a bit lukewarm. Ladies and gentlemen of Epson. Dates! We need more data!

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