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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Download Driver HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M653x

HP LaserJet M653x Driver Download. A very good printer, for a laser printer compact and with very nice design, liquid display and operation, detailed, very nice print, also on plain paper. However, with the photo and picture prints, I had a problem from the beginning. They were much too dark and thus useless, the quality of the print was however absolutely in order. This problem I could then solve over the setting of the "pressure density". To do this, call up the "HP Device Toolbox" utility, then click "System", then "Compression Density", then set and "Accept" the values. The HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M653x printer is already printing with the changed values.

HP Color LaserJet M653x Printer Driver Download
I have set the following values: Contrast 0, Shorter -3, Midtones -3, Shadows -4,Now I am satisfied with the device to 100% and can give 5 stars for it. I had some concerns because of some negative reviews from other website of due to color spots, oblique copies, dark photos etc, wanted this HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M653x printer but necessarily, because of function, size and price is optimal for my small office. For all who are equally superior as to whether to buy this model at present: The print is clean, straight, sharp.

HP LaserJet Enterprise M653x Driver Download

HP LaserJet M653x Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M653x
The font is clear and sharp. The duplex printing works perfectly. Again, both front and back cover are equal, so just printed. Also photos are very good (on plain paper). I can not understand the negative statements regarding too dark etc, of course, you can not expect a photo like a 6 color photo printer, but my expectations have been exceeded and I am photographing a lot and happy for 40 years. Basically, I am a fan of HP color laser printers. The overall quality convinced me and the consumable costs do not frighten me because the material comparatively long holds and therefore is reckoned. 

Download Driver Printer HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M653x
With this particular device, I had unfortunately bad luck at the first attempt, it seemed to be perfect, unfortunately, only b/w was printed over long distances, Prints were too pale and distorted. Depending on what one printed it fell more or less strongly, with b/w text printing not at all. The star trigger is on the one hand for the bad luck with the first device (sowas may not be in a segment with this quality requirement) and secondly because I have the predecessor, which is at the same price significantly larger and more solid built, a bit better. Luckily I still have it and it will stay here as long as it works.

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