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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Download Driver Canon Pixma TS5140

Canon Pixma TS5140 Driver Download. In the case of the Canon Pixma TS5140 printer, the Canon uses the already known cartridges of the series PG-540, CL-541. It is a pigment black cartridge for up to 600 pages (XL version) and a three-color cartridge for up to 400 pages. For an entry printer this is a decent range. However, only cartridges are available which, after the initial initialization, reach the range of the small cartridges and thus have to be exchanged according to the ISO standard according to lean 180 pages. The advantage of Canon's combined ink cartridges with integrated print head is that nozzle failures with a new set of inks are always repaired. There are no replicas for this, the cartridges can only be refilled. If desired, the black ink cartridge can also be printed when the colored ink is exhausted.

Canon Pixma TS5140 Printer Driver Download
Alternatively, black can be replaced by the colors if the text cartridge is empty. These cartridges come in three sizes Standard, XL and XXL. For the pigment black cartridge, this means either 200 (around 12.50 Euro), 400 (around 17 Euro) or 600 pages (around 23.50 Euro). This rather small gradation seems somewhat silly, especially because the price difference of the smallest to the middle cartridge is just 4-5 euros, but the range (at low level) doubles. The color cartridges are intended for 250 (about 11.50 Euro), 500 (about 15.50 Euro) and 800 pages (about 22.50 Euro) for normal paper according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Canon Pixma TS5140 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma TS5140 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS5140
As you would expect, the Canon will provide cartridges to cartridges that are designed to hold the smallest range in the ready-to-use state: 200 pages of text or up to 250 pages of color documents. This is extremely thin, the previous generation has printed more than 300 pages, until the first purchase. The special colors of photo black as well as blue (only TS8040 and TS9040) are not used on plain paper and are only consumed in this mode by cleaning, which results in very high range. On photopapier and thus with high coverage this looks completely different. In this case, however, the pigment black is quenched.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma TS5140
There are no other consumables. Although the print heads can be changed independently, they are classified as spare parts and are correspondingly expensive. A replaceable residual ink container for ink that remains in the printer through cleaning is also not provided as consumable material. Here, Epson remains the only supplier in the lower price segment. For combined color printing and the use of the XL cartridges, the simple TS5140 printer with printhead cartridges prints more conveniently in color on plain paper than the single-cartridge printers. In pure text printing, the order turns, and the pixmas of the series TS6150, TS8150 and TS9150 are somewhat cheaper.

Download Full Driver and Software Canon Pixma TS5140 for Mac OS X 10.10/10.11/10.12
Download Full Driver and Software  Canon Pixma TS5140 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)
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