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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Download Driver Canon Pixma TS6151

Canon Pixma TS6151 Driver Download. Surely I could take this Canon Pixma TS6151 printer in receipt and of course had to unpack it immediately. I changed my last inkjet printer against a laser printer, so the curiosity to work with a modern inkjet combineret was very high. Unpacked is a modern, appealing and noble design, whose glossy surface unfortunately has the disadvantage that you can see everyone, but also every fingerprint. The question, whether would have to be placed on a matte optics, but everyone must answer themselves. First of all, you are asked to find and remove the innumerable orange tapes.

Canon Pixma TS6151 Printer Driver Download
So open all doors, drawers and locks. Unfortunately, you never know how many of these strips have been "installed," therefore, everything opens and goes out, what goes and look. After the power supply the device is set up, which essentially only from setting the language and inserting the 5 individual Ink cartridges. Anyone who has already connected and installed Canon Pixma TS6151 printer can confidently put the manual aside (more than basic knowledge is absolutely not required) and rely entirely on the clear and comfortable animations in the swivel display. Much wrong can not be done here.

Canon Pixma TS6151 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma TS6151 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS6151
This is all the more pleasing, especially since the manual has a little confusion due to the multilingual nature of the pages. Even if the filling seems to last forever, then the 4 minutes displayed in the display for the time also go by and the device is ready for use. Without a PC and associated software installation, the copying mode is already available. The Canon Pixma TS6151 result amazes you: You have to look very carefully to distinguish the original from the copy. The included CD contains, in addition to the function Canon Pixma TS6151 drivers, various programs that can bring full effect to the lush potential of the printer.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma TS6151
Thus, photo processing is also possible as well as personal layout design for eg calendars. The photos on the most common memory card types can be printed directly via the corresponding slots as well as via a USB stick. The duplex printing works smoothly and quickly and it is even possible to print out the most beautiful pictures for private photo albums from HD films. All in all, the Canon Pixma TS6151 is an all-rounder, which leaves nothing to be desired and the price / performance ratio absolutely true.

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