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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Download Driver Epson EcoTank L656

Epson L656 Driver Download. In addition, the Epson EcoTank L656 printer is equipped with wireless WLAN, USB port, monochrome LCD 5.6 cm. By analyzing the parameters of the work we find that compared to other devices it is an average-speed printer, neither super fast nor very slow. Quality of prints is very good. The text is clear, even in the case of documents where a small font is used. Colored inks are watery, while black is pigmented. Immediately after printing, do not touch with a damp hand, but after drying, pouring the paper with water and dragging your finger does not blur the text.

Epson EcoTank L656 Driver Download
This is important information for storing documents in your company. Epson EcoTank L656 graphics are very well presented, even small items are very clear, and colors are saturated. Very positively surprised by the quality of photos on special photo paper. As for office equipment their quality is very good. Maybe not for a professional photographer, for example, putting details in the shadows does not impress, but the amateur will be happy. Compare the original (above) and print (below). As you can see, this equipment is good for you. There are only slight differences in tonal transitions (right side bar), color saturation correct, and slight difference in grayscale. There was a slight problem in retrieving 10 × 15 photo paper. It helped to clean the rollers.

Epson L656 Software Driver Download
Epson L656 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson EcoTank L656
Printing directly from your computer at settings other than the printer (such as paper size) requires additional acknowledgment on the device panel, which can be a bit annoying. A little calculation. The cost of ink on one page black and white is at the suggested price of the black ink bottle 59,83 with VAT not a penny. Even assuming that due to the need to clean the print heads (this process consumes a lot of ink), we only print half of the 12 paper rolls that the manufacturer has set up, about two cents per page. Pretty good result with the price of better paper we will get a cost of five cents. Colors are less than three pennies.

Download Driver Printer Epson EcoTank L656
The price is unfortunately not so low with VAT (taking into account prices from popular online stores). The cost of printing along with depreciation and according to the assumptions adopted earlier will go up to 22 cents per page. By replacing ink cartridges, you can cut down costs by half. Is it really worth it? From experience we know that using replacements often requires frequent cleaning of the heads. Risky and dubious fun. Interesting and quite meaningful choice for small and medium sized companies, where printing costs count. Rich equipment should satisfy even demanding users.

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