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Download Driver Epson Stylus T21

Epson Stylus T21 Driver Download. "Good things take time" seems to have been the motto of the designers of the Epson Stylus T21. This printer is incredibly slow. Its prints are very robust and resistant to environmental influences such as light and water. Whether the long wait is worthwhile, the test clarifies. Black writing seemed a little pale, and the characters were frayed. For color images, the prints were a bit dull and a tad too light. Apart from that, the quality of the prints is neat and the insensitivity of the pictures is exemplary.

Epson Stylus T21 Printer Driver Download
Differently the speed: Fortunately (for Epson) I scale is at the mark 5.00 at the end. While other printers spit out a text page in under ten seconds, the stylus takes 33 seconds. The black-and-white print of an elaborate graphic takes almost 18 minutes. (The competition usually does not take 30 seconds.) For color printing, the trend is confirmed: 20 minutes for a graphic, 10 minutes for a standard photo (10x15 cm) and 23 minutes for a photo in large format (18x24 cm) are easy way too long.

Epson Stylus T21 Software Driver Download
Epson Stylus T21 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson Stylus T21
The Epson requires a lot of money for the printing ink. A text page with 2.83 cents is still very cheap, but a DIN A4 color page costs you a whopping 55 cents. Also a photo in the format 10 x 15 cm beats with proud 70 cent to beech. The note "deficient" was already available for significantly more favorable printouts. The pressure does not only last long, he is also very loud with 12.4 Sone. As the low operating consumption of a good seven watts does not comfort.

Download Driver Printer Epson Stylus T21
The Epson grants only one year warranty on the Epson Stylus T21 printer. This means that the manufacturer is on the safe side, because many printouts will hardly make you in time. Just print something quickly? Do not use this Epson Stylus T21. Only if you place high value on durable print, ready to spend a lot of money on cartridges and have a lot of patience, the device is worth considering. For impatient natures, keep your finger off! The Epson Stylus T21 print quality is better with the HP Photosmart D5460. The speed is faster by classes. For direct printing there is a memory card reader and a mini-screen. In addition, the Photosmart blank can print directly.


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