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Monday, September 25, 2017

Download Driver Epson WorkForce 625

Epson WorkForce 625 Driver Download. In the search for a replacement for my 8 year old Canon printer I became attentive to this Epson WorkForce 625. Although I was very skeptical due to negative experiences in the past with Epson, I ordered this device. The Epson WorkForce 625 photo quality of this Epson printer is madness. I know so far only of professional photo printers. Stiftung Warentest has tested this device in issue 4/2015 and given the printer the good grade, which is absolutely justified. To the device itself, I can only say that the housing is made of cheap plastic as unfortunately today at every manufacturer. The print speed is great as well as the connectivity via WLan and the Air Print. What you can print from mobile phone or tablet directly. The CD print function completes the entire image of this Epson printer. Great are the individual ink tanks.

Epson WorkForce 625 Printer Driver Download
However, the extremely high ink consumption, which is known for Epson, is negative, so I have to use a new black cartridge every day, but this can be reduced by purchasing the XL cartridges, then a black cartridge per month (500 Din A4 pages). To the legendary photoprint I have already expressed. However, what is very miss is the single sheet indentation on the back. If this was available, the device would be perfect. After my good old Photostylus RX520 after many years of service sometimes supply problems with the ink cartridges got the choice logically back to Epson.

Epson WorkForce 625 Software Driver Download
Epson WorkForce 625 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson WorkForce 625
The Epson WorkForce 625 is very compact built, very cleanly manufactured and the installation is done jerkily. The Epson WorkForce 625 WiFi works fine is quickly set up and the printer is then also accessible from every tablet or smartphone to quickly print an e-mail or photo. It prints very fast in black / white and also in color the tempo is still good, the print quality is clean and the color reproduction is perfect. However, it is worth it to use the original Epson cartridges, since the ink fidelity is better and more accurate compared to cheaper products, especially for photo prints. Worth mentioning is the possibility CD, and there are different inserts for paper, photo envelopes, CD, etc. 

Download Driver Printer Epson WorkForce 625
At first, as usual, I was skeptical, even in view of the small dimensions of the new printer but completely unnecessary. The printer works cleanly and after the setup fast and in comparison also quietly. In my opinion very recommendable, longer experience values ​​I supplemented if necessary. Briefly mentioned: the type numbers indicate the housing color, 620 black, 625 white, otherwise the printers are great enough, also for the other printers of the series = 0 at the end for black and 5 at the end for white as far as devices in 2 housing colors are produced.

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