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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Download Driver HP Officejet 6313

HP Officejet 6313 Driver Download. This HP Officejet 6313 printer is designed to meet the needs of my family: All of them can access the printer and scan functions with their computer. The printer is connected to our wireless router by cable so that all network devices can access the device. Very convenient in connection with the fax, copy and scan function is the automatic page feed, which scans up to 20 pages one after the other without having to stand in front of the machine all the time. The only problem was the extremely problematic installation, which required a lot of patience and research, which is why I give the Officejet also only 4 out of 5 stars: Neither on the (freshly installed) XP computer, nor on the two Vista computers worked the software installation smoothly.

HP Officejet 6313 Printer Driver Download
On the XP computer, the installation software partout did not want to find the printer on the network even though Windows already showed it on the network, and all firewalls and antivirus programs were switched off. Only after a restart and another two (identical) installation attempts the program found the printer and installed correctly. Also the other Vista computer had this problem, and again helped a reboot paired with several installation attempts. (Good software you can not call it).

HP Officejet 6313 Software Driver Download
HP Officejet 6313 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Officejet 6313
On the third Vista computer it went really round: Halfway through installation, the HP Officejet 6313 driver installation program aborted, however, suggested to search for a problem solution on the Internet, which it then also found and installed. After this, the installation worked smoothly, but later in the operation, we found that after every reboot or boot process, the driver's power-saving mode crashed without explanation. Here helped the (it can not be said otherwise) excellent chat support from HP, which can be used free of charge.

Download Driver Printer HP Officejet 6313
After a short error diagnosis, I was advised to download and install a specific update. Done, everything works without problems. Conclusion: If you're not afraid of chat support and a relatively long installation time, you get a lot of money for very small money: HP Officejet 6313 is faster (and very quiet) printing, high-resolution scans (up to 11000dpi) with good quality, a usable OCR program The text recognition in the scans, so you get the real text as a file instead of a picture) and an unproblematic fax function.

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