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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Download Driver HP Officejet Pro 6963

HP Officejet Pro 6963 Driver Download. After a long time back and forth, I replaced my Photosmart 3310 with this printer after the duplex unit did not work anymore and the scanner did not want to work with Windows 10 (support discontinued). This HP Officejet Pro 6963 printer is very easy to set up, the printer and scanner worked smoothly. Even faxing worked immediately and without any problems. Since I swore I did not spend so much for a printer, I'm completely satisfied with this device. And if HP here again after 10 years, the support ceases although the device actually works, it does not hurt me at least so much! With the connections you can choose between USB, WLAN and Ethernet. To do this, the HP Officejet Pro 6963 printer also establishes a Wi-Fi Direct connection. This is handy for mobile printing.

HP Officejet Pro 6963 Printer Driver Download
Here the all-rounder covers the standards Apple Airprint, Mopria and HP ePrint. The HP has not changed much in terms of speed performance with the Officejet Pro 6960: in the test, I measured values ​​similar to those of its predecessor. So the printer creates ten pages of text in 44 seconds a median time. HP Officejet Pro 6963 scanning takes 17 seconds to preview almost as long as a full color scan. This is a usual HP phenomenon. Even in copying, the combined printer is not in a hurry. Despite the new ink generation, the print quality shows little difference compared to its predecessor.

HP Officejet Pro 6963 Software Driver Download
HP Officejet Pro 6963 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Officejet Pro 6963
The ink application is full. Therefore, you can quietly switch to the draft mode for everyday printing to save ink. Overall, the sharpness of the letters is good. Even surfaces print the device very homogeneous. The color evaluation gives over-emphasized reds and blues. However, I hardly recognize them in the visual test of everyday printing, not at all, but all the more so with photos. Here, sensitive areas such as skin tones are unnatural and light to white areas are slightly reddish. The scans have a good sharpness down to the deep. In color copies, false colors appear when the hue is bright, such as pastel shades.

Download Driver Printer HP Officejet Pro 6963
On the other hand, the scanner sets glowing colors correctly. The black-and-white print quality is good, but the color prints are already often falsified. In addition, the printer eats a lot of ink: with less than 500 pages per month, I need two sets of cartridges in this time, each cost between 15 and 20, so that goes right into the money. Also, the printer just says that the ink level is very low, but then prints holey texts until you get the cartridge unnerved. The wireless connection works well, all the interactive features (print from other devices, send print jobs when you're on the go, etc.) I did not try. All in all, I would not buy the device again, there is certainly better.
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